These Clever Things Are So Cheap, Amazon Can Barely Keep Them in Stock


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Written by Rachel Bar-Gadda


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Packing cubes that neatly compress 14 days’ worth of clothes into a convenient carry-on? A seven-piece knife set that comes with its own stylish acrylic stand? And stainless steel stemmed wine glasses that will never ever shatter, no matter how much fun you’re having? You might expect to shell out your precious cash for items like these, but, in reality, these clever things are so cheap, Amazon can barely keep them in stock.

So read on to indulge yourself with magical foot peel masks and tidy up your closet with chic velvet hangers; your future awaits and at a reasonable price point, to boot.


An Ingenious Pet Hair Remover That Uses Static Electricity

This pet hair remover is so genius, you’ll probably be kicking yourself, wondering “Why didn’t I think of that?” As opposed to tons of sticky paper or batteries that have to be constantly replaced, it uses static electricity generated by a back-and-forth motion to effortlessly pick up every bit of pet hair. The hair is then deposited into a built-in receptacle that can then be easily emptied. With 136,000-plus reviews, this popular pet hair remover will still only cost you $30 for the pleasure of a pet hair-free home.


This Natural Soap That Relieves Itchy Skin

If that beautiful day spent outdoors has gifted you with tons of uncomfortable mosquito bites, don’t panic, because this clever under-$10 itch relief soap is here to help. Perfect for rashes, hives, bites, and even chicken pox, this soap will ease uncomfortable symptoms using all-natural ingredients such as noni and white willow to combat swelling, sassafras that works as an antihistamine, and oat bran and bentonite clay to cleanse and soothe.


A Himalayan Salt Light Bulb That Transforms Lighting Fixtures Into Beacons Of Tranquility

Pop this Himalayan salt bulb into a lighting fixture and let its warm amber glow immediately transform your space. The LED bulb delivers 60 watts of power and its E26 base means it will fit most fixtures. It’s completely dimmable so you can dial up your desired brightness, watching as the light shines beautifully through the salt rocks for a tranquil effect.


These Self-Watering Globes Made Of Beautiful Hand-Blown Glass

Made of hand-blown glass, you would think these gorgeous self-watering globes would cost a lot more than their $30 price tag. They cleverly keep your plants watered for up to two maintenance-free weeks and you’ll get four in a set, each in a different color. Fill each bulb with water, insert it into your plant pot, and they will deposit the perfect amount of water required by the soil.


A Pair Of Gardening Gloves Made Of Breathable Bamboo

Prune in comfort throughout every season using these genius gardening gloves made of breathable bamboo material. Clocking in at less than $10, they feature a rubber coating for extra grip as well as reinforced fingertips, which makes them great for home repairs as well. In addition to being conveniently machine washable, they also are touchscreen friendly, which means you don’t need to remove them mid-planting session to send a progress pic to your friends.


The Garden Spray Nozzle With 8 Watering Patterns

There’s literally nothing you won’t be able to adequately water when you opt for this garden spray nozzle with eight spray patterns. From a rinse to a shower to a mist setting, your plants will thank you for this $12 purchase. Constructed of solid metal with an enamel coating, this durable nozzle attaches to standard garden hoses and even allows you to adjust the flow to suit your specific watering needs.


A Foot Peel Mask That Ingeniously Softens Feet

With over 49,000 five-star ratings, you can rest assured that this foot peel mask does what it sets out to do. Slip your feet into the included booties, set your timer for 60 minutes, and remove them to then watch as calloused skin sloughs off for good in under two weeks. The mask is made with botanical ingredients such as fruit extracts and is available in lots of different scents such as peach, French lavender, and rose.


These Packing Cubes With A Near-Perfect Rating

These clever packing cubes have over 19,000 reviews with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating for good reason. Due to their ingenious design, they allow you to fit clothing for up to 14 days within an extremely small footprint, yet cost you only $22 for the pleasure. The set includes one extra-large, one large, one medium, and one small cube, all of which are made with durable water-resistant material and a breathable upper mesh panel. Never again will you have to make impossible sacrificial decisions, because, with these cubes, all your favorite pieces will be coming with you.


A Reusable Ice Pack That Stays Cold For Up To 48 Hours

When it comes to beach days, park parties, or that road trip up the coast, keeping those cooler items supremely chilled is of the utmost importance. Enter these reusable ice packs that are actually colder than ice at 18 degrees Fahrenheit and that remain cold for an entire 48 hours. Easily add the required initial water to the existing dry gel mixture using the included funnel, shake them, then pop them in the freezer. Four come in every pack and a multi-layer construction of aluminum, polyethylene, and nylon keep them durable and mess-free.


The Solar Lantern That Collapses Down To A Portable Puck

This incredibly handy solar lantern will no doubt become a necessary part of your camping (or day-to-day) kit at $18. Not only does it power up by the light of the sun, provide you with bright LED light, and charge your phone using a built-in USB port, but it also remains incredibly portable due to its collapsible design. Toss the fully waterproof lantern in your backpack or clip it via a carabiner to be ready for anything.


The Stain Treater With A Commercial-Grade Yet Non-Toxic Formula

Just because a formula is powerful enough to be considered commercial-grade doesn’t mean it’ll leach toxins into your life. This stain treater that comes in a pack of two is the perfect example of that. Its formula is free of formaldehyde, sulfates, fragrance, peroxide, and chlorine, yet it can still tackle stains as intense as ink, grass, blood, and even the most pigmented fruit juices. Spray the biodegradable formula onto the stain, then blot and rinse to see it disappear before your eyes, as over 11,000 five-star reviews can attest.


The Ring Light That Comes With Its Own Tripod

This ring light takes every still photo and video to new glamorous heights with the help of an included adjustable tripod that stretches from 17 to 60 inches. The light features three lighting modes (warm, daylight, and white) as well as 10 brightness settings, and two phone holders give you the flexibility to shoot from within or below the light. Adjust the light 360 degrees to get your Hollywood angles just right.


A Car Trunk Organizer That Keeps Your Supplies Orderly

This ingenious car trunk organizer keeps all those must-have-while-traveling items neatly contained and easily accessible. It features an expandable design that can offer up to three compartments, four side mesh pockets, and two front pockets. Made of sturdy and water-resistant material, it also includes tie-down straps so as to stay completely secure while en route. Goodbye to the sound of that bottle of windshield washer fluid loudly slamming into the back of your car at every stop sign.


These Slim Velvet Hangers That Store Tons More Clothing

Make the most of that limited closet space with these velvet hangers with an ultra-slim design. Every hanger can hold up to 10 pounds and therefore can be used for anything from strappy camisoles to winter jackets. The grippy velvet lining keeps clothing on the hanger (instead of the floor) and shoulder notches assist further in securing those strappy items. Best of all, these hangers with 83,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating come in a pack of 50 for only $31.


A Car Handbag Holder That’s Accessible & Out Of The Way

Just as you’re convinced that there’s no place to safely put that investment of a handbag while in the car, this clever car handbag holder comes to save the day. It sits between the two front seats, attaching to either headrest as well as the center console, and provides your purse with a safe place to be stored that’s both out of the way and accessible. No more will you watch as your bag gets trampled underfoot by the front passenger or stays out of reach in the backseat. Sunglasses, wallets, phones and more will now be right there when you need them.


A Charging Station That Allows You To Power 3 Different Devices

This unique charging station provides you with one compact place to quickly power up not only your phone but also your earbuds and your smartwatch. Each of the charging platforms is specially designed to be compatible with Qi-enabled devices and offer both temperature and short-circuit protection. The station works with both Apple and Android products.


This Sweat-Wicking Phone Holder For Running

This phone holder is made of a breathable combination of nylon and spandex that makes it perfect for wicking sweat and keeping you comfortable while you’re on the move. Available in four sizes from small to extra-large, it’s flexible enough to store phones of any size yet still provides a snug and secure fit. Choose from seven colors such as black, pink, or blue, and toss it in the washing machine for cleaning with no fear of shrinkage.


A 7-Piece Knife Set That’s Only $30

There truly can’t be a better deal out there when it comes to kitchen tools than this seven-piece knife set that costs a mere $30. The five knives included such as a chef’s knife, bread knife, and paring knife, are all made of stainless steel and give you all the functionality you need for cooking anything. A modern-looking acrylic stand displays them stylishly on your countertop and there’s even a knife sharpener included for continued high performance.


This Digital Meat Thermometer For Precise Cooking

If you’ve ever gazed worryingly at that prime piece of beef in the pan wondering not if but when you’ll over or undercook it, you’ll greatly appreciate this ingenious digital meat thermometer that tells you exactly when to pull it off. Its retractable probe gives you an instant reading in as little as two to three seconds and has a built-in backlight so you can more easily see temperatures. The probe rotates 240 degrees to accommodate awkward angles and the whole thing can be either kept in a drawer, hung up, or stored on any magnetic surface.


A Glass Teapot With A Sleek Stainless Steel Infuser

This beautiful yet affordable glass teapot and its brushed stainless steel infuser will make your brew look straight-up magazine-worthy. Use it with boiled water from your kettle or fill the teapot, remove the stainless steel parts, and heat the water directly in the microwave. The design allows for a drip-free pour so that no mess will disturb your aesthetically-pleasing tea experience.


This Handheld Milk Frother That Includes Its Own Stand

If you’ve already got a good espresso or coffee game going, amp it up with this budget-friendly handheld milk frother to create the cappuccino of your dreams. It features a strong motor to create perfect foam in only 15 seconds and its silicone handle makes it comfortable to use. Best of all, it even includes its own low-profile stainless steel stand to make countertop or cabinet storage simple and sleek.


A Set Of Refrigerator Organizer Bins To Display Items Clearly

If once you store your groceries in the fridge, you feel like they’ve somehow disappeared forever into a strange fridge-abyss, you will love these refrigerator organizer bins. They come in a set of eight bins (four large and four medium) for less than $30 and are constructed of transparent shatterproof plastic so you can clearly see the contents. Stack them easily to save room and use the built-in handles to quickly pull out what you need.


These Unbreakable Wine Glasses Made Of Stainless Steel

For outdoor soirées and backyard picnics, forgo the glass items and instead opt for these clever yet chic unbreakable wine glasses. They’re constructed of stainless steel and feature double-wall insulation which makes them perfect for maintaining the cool temperatures of spritzes and chilled rosé. Choose between over six available shades such as “dreamy green,” “cheery turquoise,” or “polished raven marble.”


A Wireless LED Light Bar For Tasteful Accent Lighting

It’s easy and affordable to install this LED light bar underneath any cabinet to provide tasteful illumination to surfaces below. Use your choice of self-adhesive or screws to mount and pop in three AA batteries (not included) for over 100 hours of light. The light bar casts a warm white glow and even comes with its own remote to control brightness levels and set automatic timers.


The Wine Aerator That Oxygenates As Your Pour

This under-$15 wine aerator pourer will so greatly improve the taste of that bargain bottle of wine, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. Its tapered rubber base is designed to fit snugly into the bottle for a leak-free pour. As you tip your wine into the glass, the perfect amount of oxygen is added to your wine through the aerator so that every bit of flavor can be unleashed. As a bonus, your purchase comes with two aerators, providing the perfect gift for that cheap wine-loving friend.


A Tealight Holder Made Of Elegant Olive Wood

This gorgeous tealight holder that comes in a set of three is made of beautiful olive wood and features a wedge-shaped design. The tealights fit snugly within the rustic yet elegant holders, laying flush with the surface. Arrange the wedges together or separately any way you like to create a beautiful display that will elevate any coffee table, dining table, or sideboard.


This Pour-Over Coffee Maker For A Flavorful Home Brew

This pour-over coffee maker that costs $30 will pay for itself when you realize just how much it slays your normal coffee shop brew. Made of heat-resistant glass, simply place your grounds in the stainless steel mesh filter and slowly pour hot water in a circular motion, patiently extracting delicious flavor from your beans and creating a perfect cup. You’ll not only save money on paper filters, but the stainless steel version will also allow all those natural oils (i.e. more flavor) to come through. A cool-touch collar allows you to grip and pour with comfort.


A Meat Tenderizer That Lets You Inject Your Meat With Pure Flavor

Take marinating to new levels with this meat tenderizer that allows you to inject that flavor directly into the meat via a sturdy syringe. Made of sturdy stainless steel, the tenderizer comes with three marinade injectors to accommodate different cuts or types of meat and a measurement window offers precision. Pop it onto the top rack of your dishwasher for effortless cleanup.


This USB Bias Lighting Strip That Improves Your Viewing Experience

Mount this USB bias lighting strip to the back of your TV and instantly enjoy a viewing experience with added color and contrast. As a bonus, it also can help your eyes strain less by creating more ambient light. Cut the strip to your desired dimensions, mount it to the back of the TV using the self-adhesive, and plug it into the TV’s USB port for power. Not bad for an improved home theater that costs less than $20.


A Seat Cover That Protects Your Car’s Upholstery From Pet Paws

If you’re tired of constantly cleaning muddy paw prints from your car upholstery, feast your eyes on this dog seat cover. It straps in securely by attaching to both headrests and seat belt buckles and provides a waterproof protective barrier between paws and upholstery. The Oxford fabric material provides a nonslip surface for your pet and is a cinch to clean with just a damp towel, hose, or vacuum.


The Wireless Doorbell With Tons Of Customization Options

This wireless doorbell is quick and easy to set up and offers you more than 50 chimes to choose from in addition to visual alerts and four volume levels. It comes with a transmitter and receiver with a range of up to 1000 feet and has a robust battery life that lasts up to three years. Customize further with a choice of over 10 colors such as a neutral beige, bright green, or pink red.


This Battery Organizer That Neatly Stores Up To 93 Batteries

Bye-bye doom drawer filled with loose batteries (many of which could be out of juice) — and hello battery organizer that keeps multiple types of batteries neatly stored in organizational calm. It stores anything from AAA’s to 9-volts to 5-flats, all within a waterproof, shockproof case with a protective cover. Mount the case to the wall of your garage or store it in any drawer to easily access batteries when you need them. As a serious bonus, there’s even a battery tester included.


A Pack Of Furniture Wheel Stoppers To Prevent Accidental Rolling

These furniture wheel stoppers cost just $10 and will fix a seriously annoying problem: they cradle any type of castor wheel to keep it firmly in place so that your bed and furniture don’t slide around on floors. Each pack comes with four stoppers made with nonslip rubber that won’t budge from hardwood, carpet, tile, or linoleum. You’ll never again have to contend with a sofa or bed that rolls away every time you go for a relaxing plop down.


The Furniture Paint With A Built-In Primer & Top Coat

It literally couldn’t be easier to refresh a piece of tired furniture when you have this chalk-style paint in your artist’s arsenal. It requires tons less effort as it’s made with a built-in primer and top coat. The eco-friendly paint is made without any harmful chemicals and dries within 30 minutes to a matte finish. On top of coming in 50 gorgeous shades such as “secret garden” (pictured above), “fresh mustard,” or “cranberry sauce,” the paint can be used on all kinds of surfaces from wood to glass to laminate.


A Rug Corner Gripper To Keep Throw Rugs In Place

If your slipping and sliding rugs have become seriously annoying, grab this rug corner gripper to make them secure. It comes with four corners, each of which attaches via a hook and loop system to a round piece that adheres to the floor with the help of sticky gel. Easily detach the pieces to vacuum, sweep, or mop underneath, and renew the stickiness if needed using a little rubbing alcohol. Best of all: they won’t damage your floors.


This Fabric Shaver That Restores Sweaters To Prime Condition

Pilling and fuzz-laden sweaters can make you feel less than chic but with a mere $18 investment, that can all change. This affordable fabric shaver is made with a strong motor to be able to quickly, thoroughly, and safely de-pill clothing and upholstery alike. It uses stainless steel blades to trim effectively and a honeycomb mesh to protect the surface. Conveniently recharge it via USB and pull it apart easily for cleanup.


A Space-Saving Hanger That Utilizes Vertical Space

When trying to maximize space, sometimes you need to think outside the box. That’s exactly what these space-saving hangers do by taking full advantage of vertical space. They come in a pack of 16 and feature five holes in which to hang five pieces of clothing. The hooks can be swiveled 360 degrees and the cascading design allows you to fit even more clothing on one hanger.


This Decorative Solar-Powered Ball To Jazz Up Your Yard Or Patio

This ingenious decorative glass ball will add tons of stylish vibes to any al fresco party. First of all, it’s constructed with a beautiful mosaic of colorful glass and tiles, and, second of all, it charges via a solar panel at the top to provide a warm glow come evening time. It’s both waterproof and weather-resistant and is available in several different designs sporting different color palettes.


A Set Of Solar String Lights That Give You Major Design Flexibility

Add magical ambiance to any outdoor space with these versatile solar string lights. Because these lights charge via a solar panel during the day, you don’t have to contend with limiting cords and outlets when you’re designing your outdoor masterpiece. The LED lights are strung along a copper wire and are completely waterproof and weatherproof. Choose from eight lighting modes and several color options such as white, purple, and multicolor.


These Door Handle Stoppers That Protect Walls From Damage

If you’re tired of hearing a significant crash and witnessing that spot on the wall get more and more damaged every time you fling open a door, there’s a solution. These genius door handle stoppers stick to that exact place on the wall using self-adhesive and provide a protective rubber surface to absorb shock and noise. They come in a pack of six in either a small or large size and are transparent, so they’ll remain visually under the radar.


An Electric Griddle With A Ceramic Nonstick Surface

This cleverly designed electric griddle has over 12,000 reviews on Amazon and for good reason. It is designed with a nonstick surface made with ceramic that cooks foods evenly and quickly. Use it to fry eggs, flip pancakes, or cook burgers — its convenient drip tray catches all liquid for easy cleanup. Set temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit using the control dial at the side.


The Power Strip That Takes Up Barely Any Room

This super compact power strip doesn’t skimp on functionality where it saves on space. It provides you with three USB ports, three grounded outlets, and one USB-C port, all able to charge at high speeds. A 5-foot cord gives you lots of flexibility to place it where you need it and its small size means it’s easy to toss it in your bag and take on the go.


A Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Made With Natural Essential Oils

Great for those who prefer to skip the hardcore chemicals, these mosquito repellent bracelets rely on natural essential oils to keep bugs at bay. The stretchy one-size-fits-all bracelets contain geranium, lemongrass, and citronella oil to repel pesky bugs and they can be worn on either your ankles or wrists. They come in a pack of 10 and are all individually wrapped to retain their potency.


This Portable Door Lock To Stay Safe Wherever You Go

Create a safe environment for yourself wherever you roam using this clever portable door lock that provides peace of mind for under $20. It works with standard doors that open inwards by inserting it into the door lock slot, closing the door, and hooking the metal stud of the red plate into the heart-shaped groove. Voilà, a door that won’t budge. Its sturdy stainless steel material adds durability so that you’ll be able to use this tool for years to come.


A Kitchen Squeegee With A Built-In Brush For All Countertop Messes

There’s something so incredibly satisfying about this $14 kitchen squeegee. It wipes wet countertop messes quickly into the sink using the silicone blade then it flips to clean dry messes with the help of a built-in brush. To top it all off, its handle doubles as a hanger so it can store neatly against the side of the sink and you can even pop it in the dishwasher for cleaning.


These Reusable Twist Ties That Are Endlessly Useful

No more digging through your junk drawer wondering if you’ve stashed extra rubber bands or old bread bag ties somewhere. These reusable twist ties are completely genius in their functionality as they can be used for so very many tasks. They feature a durable and waterproof rubber coating around a wired interior that can be shaped in any way required for the job at hand. Keep cables and cords neatly organized or get creative and use them to color code items like your guests’ wine glasses. Four come in each pack.


A Reusable Food Wrap Made Of Cotton & Beeswax

Save the planet one day at a time when you opt for this amazing reusable food wrap instead of single-use plastic. Made of organic cotton, beeswax, organic plant oils, and resin, this food wrap simply requires you to warm it a bit with the heat from your hands to make it pliable before using it to provide a protective covering for bowls of food, produce, fruit, cheese, and more. Wash the biodegradable wrap with cool water and mild soap to reuse it over and over again.


This Cute Pig Planter With Solar-Powered Light-Up Eyes

Sometimes a slightly off-the-wall decor item is just what your garden needs. This pig planter certainly fits that bill with its solar-powered bright eyes that glow come nighttime. The planter is hand painted and is perfect for showcasing small succulents, cacti, or flowers.


A Brush Specially Designed To Clean Knives & Cutlery

Clean food particles off knives and cutlery efficiently and safely when you use this blade brush with over 14,000 reviews. It features a U-shaped design that wraps around utsencils to clean both sides simultaneously. Durable opposing bristles offer scrubbing power and the handle features a grippy texture for your hands and fingers. Best yet, it’ll only set you back $9.


These Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs That Keep Beverages Hot For Longer

There’s nothing as disappointing as taking your sweet time to enjoy that steaming morning cup, only to have the last third of it be completely cold. Enter these stainless steel coffee mugs that feature double-wall insulation to preserve that precious heat. Each set comes with two cups and leak-proof travel lids for added convenience.

shopping Add these to your cart asap. Written by Rachel Bar-Gadda Amazon We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article. Packing cubes that neatly compress 14 days’ worth of clothes into a convenient carry-on? A seven-piece knife set that comes with its own stylish acrylic…

shopping Add these to your cart asap. Written by Rachel Bar-Gadda Amazon We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article. Packing cubes that neatly compress 14 days’ worth of clothes into a convenient carry-on? A seven-piece knife set that comes with its own stylish acrylic…