Humilitainment: How to Control the Citizenry Through Reality TV Distractions

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Well, the way I see it … I must be the only one looking at the whole Will Smith/Chris Rock Oscar slap another way. For these last couple of decades, most especially these last few years, these Hollywood a-hole elites have been closed-fisted smugly (drunkenly/stoned) targeting, preaching, bullying and insulting everyone/anyone on that stage. The public has pushed back by not watching their sh*t-fest, self-gratification awards show(s), and even a continuing huge drop-off of box office draws. But finally, a well-deserved slap in-the-face that I am seeing as a “got what they asked for” (to paraphrase Kamala) for self-righteous, self-important collective S&M and child/sex-grooming Hollywood.

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

“IF WASHINGTON IS HOLLYWOOD FOR UGLY PEOPLE, HOLLYWOOD IS HOLLYWOOD FOR TRASHY PEOPLE … Well, to be fair, the Oscars is a garbage show about a garbage industry run by garbage people.”


Anyhow, I’m shrugging a bit of a *bullshit* call on the slap. First thing I pondered upon seeing the story very early this morning is that it was scripted. These Hollywood dregs cannot be genuine in anything they say or do.

Janelle Ash: Oscars: Will Smith slaps Chris Rock over Jada Pinkett Smith joke

Maybe so, or he was drunk.

Twitchy: Here’s the completely bonkers uncensored clip of Will Smith smacking ‘the s*it’ out of Chris Rock at the Oscars

Twitchy: ‘Mostly peaceful’ assault? CNN tweets about Will Smith smacking Chris Rock in the most CNN way possible

So, why are some people deleting their social media reactions supporting Will Smith?

NYPost: Rep. Pressley apparently deletes tweet praising Will Smith for Chris Rock slap

Twitchy: Reps. Ayanna Pressley and Jamaal Bowman delete tweets praising Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock over his bald hair joke

Well, to be #WOKE clear, if they cannot define what a “woman” is then chivalry is indeed dead.

That all said and done, if this is the top highlight clip of Hollywood’s Oscars from these last couple of decades of descent into idiocy, they had better reflect upon themselves because with this Bidenflation projected to get worse and worse their pocketbooks are going to suffer bigtime when folks choose gas for the family/work car, a gallon of mike for the kids and “hotdogs and beans” for the 6th night of dinner over a $10+ box office ticket or a $30 DVD/Blu-ray.

Christian Toto: Woke Oscars ‘Saved’ By Award-Winning Meltdown: Another round of dull virtue signaling and GOP hate … until that shocking slap

Julius Young: Inside 2022 Oscars’ swanky, six-figure bags that A-list stars like Steven Spielberg will take home: ‘Everyone Wins’ at 2022 Oscars thanks to six-figure bags gifting land-ownership and more

The Wrap: Women Won Only 23% of Oscars This Year, Worst Showing in 4 Years: Jane Campion, Sian Heder and Billie Eilish received 10 of the 43 individual Oscars awarded on Sunday … Wait— are the writer of this article, and the Hollywood Academy, “biologists”?

THR: Oscars Slammed for Playing Toto’s “Africa” as Daniel Kaluuya, H.E.R. Took Stage: The Academy Awards later played Madonna’s ‘La Isla Bonita’ for Stephanie Beatriz. “Honestly, how in the hell is this happening?” … Hollywood has mutated into an even worse parody of a bad parody of itself.

DM: Oscar ceremony is slammed for holding a ‘moment of silence’ for Ukraine but barely mentioning the invasion – despite launching into multiple woke attacks on Republicans in its first ten minutes

Oh! And this…

Twitchy: Can’t. Make. This. Crap. UP! We’d say you won’t BELIEVE who these 2 Oscars sponsors were but everything is stupid so you totally WILL

Anyhow, I can’t wait to see this year’s lowest ratings ever for this stupid-assed awards show.

Onto “the news”…

Robert Spencer: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Contained Defense Department ‘Encryption Keys’

Old Joe Biden’s chip off the old block, Hunter Biden, has been many things: board member of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma; vice chairman of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation; sought-after artist; and international bon vivant, but he has never been known to have served in the Department of Defense. So why does his infamous laptop contain, on top of everything else that is incriminating on it, Defense Department encryption keys that are not available to private citizens?

Margot Cleveland: Hunter Biden’s Laptops Are Now An Active National Security Threat: An urgent concern for the country is the continuing threat to our national security posed by a compromised President Biden.

Alana Goodman: Congressman Seeks Facebook, Twitter Records Related to Suppression of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Gosh, There Sure Is a Lot of Hunter Biden News These Days

Shmuel Klatzkin: The Corruption of the Biden Administration Is Now in Plain Sight: There is an inevitable price to pay for tolerating corruption.

Joe wonders what kind of ice cream they have in Iran— er, Ukraine…

Breitbart: Reports: Joe Biden’s Call for Regime Change in Russia Not Part of Prepared Speech: The White House confirmed Sunday that President Joe Biden’s call for regime change was not part of his prepared speech. … Actually, it was one in a longline of gaffe-loaded one-liners that Joe popped-off across the Atlantic that the left and the neo-con conmen are now trying to bolster as brilliant, or something…

Twitchy: ‘He’s not this dumb’: Bill Kristol gets dragged over this hot take on Ronald Reagan’s ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!’ line

Twitchy: HOO BOY, talk about a blue-check buffet of BATSH*TTERY praising Biden’s Russia speech (here are the BEST or worst – LOL)

VIDEO: White House forced to correct Biden’s call to remove Putin in Poland speech

FNC: DAY 34 LIVE UPDATES: KREMLIN RESPONDS – Russia reacts to Biden’s ‘alarming’ remark that Putin ‘cannot remain in power’

Stephen Nelson: Biden tells US troops they’ll be in Ukraine in war gaffe

“You’re going to see when you’re there, and some of you have been there, you’re gonna see — you’re gonna see women, young people standing in the middle in front of a damned tank just saying, ‘I’m not leaving, I’m holding my ground,’” Biden said.

A White House official quickly clarified that Biden wasn’t changing his stance on deploying the military into Ukraine.

“The president has been clear we are not sending US troops to Ukraine and there is no change in that position,” a Biden spokesman told The Post.

Liz Peek: Biden’s reckless words, Ukraine missteps raise risks for US: Joe Biden is a danger to the United States

NYP Ed Board: Biden’s call for Putin’s ouster is the latest sign that none of his words mean a damn thing

VIDEO: Biden delivers mixed messages in Poland


CNBC: President Joe Biden to propose new 20% minimum billionaire tax … DO NOT disregard the tweet-quote prior to this link. It shows exactly how the left will trickle-down the definition of “rich” in their agenda to “tax the rich” right on down to you and everyone.

Tyler Olson: Larry Summers’ new warning: Fed heading for ‘stagflation and recession’: Federal Reserve has been wrong on inflation for a year, Summers wrote in Washington Post

Charles Creitz: Larry Kudlow: Biden has wrecked the economy, ushered in stagflation: Kudlow said that President Trump left Biden with ‘solid V-shaped recovery, energy independence and virtually no inflation’ … I don’t know when or how we finally decide we have been thrown

The lingering tyrannical COVID morbidities…

David Solway: The Pandemic State Is Here to Stay

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.: How many COVID booster shots will finally be enough?

Vinay Prasad: Rush to Approval: The evidence in favor of a fourth dose of Covid vaccine is thin.

George Neumayr: Bidenomics Drags America Deeper Into Its Post-COVID Morass: The Heritage Foundation’s 2022 Index of Economic Freedom shows us where America stands.

Charles Tourot: The COVID Hall of Shame — So Far

Joseph Simonson: Over Dem Objections, Biden Admin on Track To End Pandemic Policy That Allows Swift Deportation of Migrants … Gotta let that next virulent variant/strain of the China plague into the U.S. ahead of the November midterm elections, doncha know, so’s they can again meddle in said elections.

Twitchy: SHADY AF: Charity arm of former Google CEO ‘indirectly’ paid salaries of 2 Biden WH science office employees (thread)

Full Measure, w/Sharyl Attkisson: COVID Future (w/VIDEO)


Victor Davis Hanson: The Sheer Madness of Today’s Left: When ideologues demand power but cannot achieve it politically because they are cruel ideologues, expect more of their insanity to follow.

Houston Keene: Disney has been outspoken on DeSantis’ parental rights bill but silent on Uyghur genocide: Disney did not respond to Fox Business’ request for comment.

Hank Berrien: Oscars Hosts Taunt Florida: ‘Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay.’ DeSantis Press Secretary Drags Them: ‘Florida Will Never Recover From This’ … Nobody pushes a big fat lie the way the Hollywood left pushes ‘the big lie(s)’.

Rod Thomson: Ron DeSantis Deployed States’ Rights, and His Popularity Soared: This sort of Republican leadership is a no-squish zone

Roger Kimball: Of Boiling and Jumping Frogs: Our rulers think they have anesthetized those portions of the population they have not simply bought off. They might find that there is quite a lot of jump left in the frog yet.

D. Parker: If you want to control people, here’s what you go for

Johan Wennström: Homelessness Is Not About Housing: Michael Shellenberger skewers the Left’s narrative on homelessness and urban disorder.

Brian Flood , Nikolas Lanum: Conservative activist travels America cleaning up cities let down by ‘failed’ Democrat policies: ‘Our government is taking care of foreign nationals over the American people and my heart is with 50,000 homeless veterans,’ Scott Presler said

Jim Treacher: Feminists Demand: Get Your Wife in Line, Clarence Thomas: A woman’s place is in the home, apparently

Jonathan Turley: No, Justice Thomas Did Not Commit an Impeachable Offense

Twitchy: ‘RAGING impeachment addiction’: Jonathan Turley RAINS all over the Left’s ‘impeach Justice Thomas’ parade in short but BRUTAL thread

Daniel Greenfield: Ketanji Brown Jackson Puts the Moral Poverty of Identity Politics on Display: “I actually don’t know the answer to that question — I’m sorry — I don’t.”

Tristan Justice: Jan. 6 Committee Claims Its ‘Digital Watergate’ Is Above The Law: The Jan. 6 Committee claims to be above the law as it executes a digital Watergate demanding supporter data from the RNC.

Michael G. Zey: What Happens When a GOP Majority Can Investigate the Jan. 6 Committee?

Dinesh D’Souza: How Attorney Marina Medvin Beat the Corrupt System for Her January 6th Client

Breitbart: Ukraine War Causing Food Shortages In Fragile Middle East


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

Posted by Maggie on March 28, 2022 in From the editors Well, the way I see it … I must be the only one looking at the whole Will Smith/Chris Rock Oscar slap another way. For these last couple of decades, most especially these last few years, these Hollywood a-hole elites have been closed-fisted smugly (drunkenly/stoned) targeting, preaching, bullying and insulting…

Posted by Maggie on March 28, 2022 in From the editors Well, the way I see it … I must be the only one looking at the whole Will Smith/Chris Rock Oscar slap another way. For these last couple of decades, most especially these last few years, these Hollywood a-hole elites have been closed-fisted smugly (drunkenly/stoned) targeting, preaching, bullying and insulting…