Hump Day: Follow the Political Science Because “The Polling– errrr, The Science Has Changed”

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The left and dems are checking the polls and checking them twice, and their political naughtiness ain’t making the polls nice for them. Here’s hoping the voters are seeing right through them and not buying what they’re now trying to sell. What is going on, not just on the COVID mandates but on every socialist virus policy dragging down our country’s sovereignty, economy, health and welfare, and freedom in just little over a year.

Blue state democrat governors are panicking as they finally give-in and acquiesce with parents’ and students’ demands to lift the mask mandates … and soon to come, they will be resisting any mandates to require children to be vaxxed in order to attend school. Gov. Glenn Youngkin was demonized by the very problematic Loudoun County schools for his executive order to lift mandatory masking of school children and allowing parents to make that choice to mask them. The county’s superintendent immediately sent out his order that staff and students must continue to wear masks, in defiance of the Governor’s order. But as has been pointed out the federal DOJ is viewing these taxpaying parents invested in their kids health, well-being and real academic education and speaking out are ‘domestic terrorists’.

Paul Best: Loudoun County parents and children serve affidavits to school board calling for them to end mask mandate: Multiple states announced an end to school mask mandates this week (w/VIDEOS)

Epoch Times: Students Suspended on Mask Mandate Attempt to Serve Affidavits to Loudoun County School Board

And now HHS is asking the nation’s hospitals to delineate between who is in the hospital because of COVID versus who is in the hospital for something else and just testing positive for COVID. For over two years we have been inundated with these high numbers regarding COVID. Cable news channels had the ‘fluid’ COVID tallies permanently displayed in the upper right corner of the screens. But there is a huge unscientific problem with those numbers that the current day news media has been completely uninterested in investing, questioning, and reporting. And now, two years later, people are wising-up.

“We’re going to look at this … You watch, they’re examining hospitalizations now. Soon they’re going to be examining deaths, how many people died, had COVID but not because of COVID, and you’re going to watch. We’re going to be sitting here in a couple of weeks or a couple of months and they’re going to say, “You know that 900,000 or that one million deaths number it’s really way too high. We overestimated because people died with it, not because of it” … We’ll see if they ever get those numbers out. And why is it now they suddenly realize we’re testing people for COVID because they have a sprained ankle but they gotta be tested so we know what room to be put in, and they go “Yeah, COVID” and now that counts? They’re just figuring that out two and a half years into this pandemic?? That’s nuts!” -Brian Kilmeade early this morning on Fox and Friends.

So, now they are finally doing it, the delineation of the numbers between COVID positive tests and actual COVID sick and hospitalized patients and deaths, because we are in an election year and the midterms are not looking good for the democrat party because they have taken this screwball COVID math and the resulting draconian mandates … and the real “misinformation” … from the so-called “The Science” experts for over two years. However, now we are calling “bullshit!” And recognizing who has been involved in purveying and politically using it all.

Edmund DeMarche: NOW HE SAYS IT: Fauci hints at when all COVID restrictions may finally disappear in US – Fauci says ‘full blown’ COVID-19 pandemic is almost over in US: The number of people in the hospital with COVID-19 across the U.S. has tumbled more than 28% over the past three weeks

Why are we still only listening to and saluting this Lt. Cmdr. Queeg over two years into this mess? Why are differing and opposing views from other doctors, virologists, scientists still being labeled “dis/misinformation” and demonized and silenced? There has been little, if anything, “scientific” about the handling and investigating of this virus over the course of these last two-plus years. It has, for two years, been ‘one-size-fits-all’ for anyone who has become ill from the virus, or testing positive without symptoms/illness, and for everyone in this country regardless. What other illness has ever been handled so myopically in modern times? So much important research and data has been completely ignored and lost over these last two years. We will never get anything remotely resembling an accurate estimation of the death numbers because those people are buried, or cremated, and biological forensic evidence has been deteriorated or destroyed in the flames. Never forget. The CDC, under the direction of the China aligned WHO, instructed the hospitals to not run a test on the dead to determine if the Coronavirus was even present, but to just make it down as the cause of death. But you know what forensic scientific data has been kept? The dosages and results of COVID patients who have covertly been treated with banned therapeutics. Again, it was one-size-fits-all, and that, aside from masks, was and still is the vaccines that have failed everything “The Science” cult claimed they would accomplish.

So bad is this “The Science” track record for the last two years that even some on the farthest fringe left are calling “BULLSHIT!” too…

Ian Schwartz: Bill Maher: How Much Wrong Do You Get To Be While Still Representing The Science?

Enough damage has been done on the low-risk school kids via lockdowns and remote learning and masks, but they hopefully will eventually get past all of that and catch-up…

Twitchy: ‘The vulnerable, like my daughter, have lost’: A father broke down in tears while speaking to a school board in IL on how mandatory masking harmed his daughter (w/VIDEOS) … This father and his special needs daughter’s story in Illinois where that Gov is lifting mask mandates but keeping them in the schools (the teachers unions run that state, seriously) this last two years of being held hostage to masks and ‘remote’ learning is just one in many across the nation that “The Science” and the MSM and the politicians do not want told or listened to. However, the parents know, even with their ‘typical’ children who are seeing drops in their academic levels and work ethic. Now, imagine the major intrusion and damage down to ‘special needs’ children who are very routine-oriented to begin with, and have had their development(s) delayed even more, most even falling-backward…

Maureen Mackey: NJ 3-year-old kicked out of speech therapy due to mask mandates: ‘Catastrophic moral crime’: The boy’s mother was told, ‘If you don’t put a mask on your son, we can’t provide services’ — she tells Fox News Digital exactly what happened

Hell, you have Chicago’s mayor blaming pandemic remote schooling for the city’s rise in crimes and carjackings. She pissed-off the teachers union with that one. But she might be partly correct, except that I doubt many of those youths carjacking, and committing other crimes in the city, had stellar school attendance before the pandemic, and if they’re out carjacking, they’re not in front of a computer screen remote learning.

But irreparable damage done to our kids with an experimental vaccine, growing data that warns of unacceptable side-effects on children especially males, will never be excused. And in the school masking, and now vaccine, issues “The Science” is taking its cues from … the f***ing teachers union?

Selim Algar: National teachers union chief Randi Weingarten: Mask mandate rollback should hinge on student vax rates

The CDC still insists it is correct on the mask issue, completely ignorant to the fact that they have lost all trust with most of the American people…

And now that COVID has been fully injected with democrat politics we see the head of the dem party trying to find middle ground in an election year where his party is very possibly and probably going to lose dem control in both houses of the US Congress…

VIDEO: Psaki says mask mandate decisions are ‘made by local school districts’ … Ahhhhh-haaaa! Thanks, Jen, for that deflection.

Twitchy: ‘GET READY TO BE SCIENCED!’: The White House ‘suddenly schedules’ a Covid press briefing for today

What a balancing act as the Biden administration, dems, and their MSM teeters on the walk-line like old Joe tanked-up on a fifth of tequila with a pudding chaser as the CDC makes its demand and dem governors in blue states lift the school mask mandates … well, some dem govs not all. They want you to now roll-up you sleeve and accept the gaslighting that “The science has ‘changed”…

Stacey Lennox: Democrats and the Corporate Media Are Trying to Rewrite the History on Their COVID-19 Response

Noah Rothman: Leana Wen Is Not Being Honest with You

“The science has changed,” declared Dr. Leana Wen on Monday. The George Washington University public health expert, columnist, and ubiquitous presence on CNN since the start of the pandemic buoyantly informed the network’s viewers that the receding threat posed by Covid-19 is an outgrowth of new scientific revelations about the virus.

What revelations? Well, first, the vaccines work, she said. Children now have access to those vaccines. If you want to mask up, you “the wearer” are protected. And because the Omicron variant is “milder,” we should not rely on case counts as a reliable metric to gauge the pandemic’s threat to public health. Accordingly, any masking ordinance “should shift from a government mandate” to an “individual responsibility.” That is especially true for young children because “there actually is a harm that we should be discussing of children continuing to mask.”

These are welcome admissions, but it is unclear what “science” has evolved to a point that now enables Wen is to articulate the same principles in the same language that critics of Covid-mitigation regimes have been stating for months

Read the whole thing. This will be the M.O. going forward of the COVID politicians as they try to woo fed-up and disgusted voters back to the dark side on election day in November.

**BOOM** Mic-drop, Doctor!

In addition to the damage done to our children, the vaccine will be the next “Hamberger Hill” with these political Branch COVIDIANS, and it has already started with refusal of treatments and surgeries for people, adults and children, and that includes organ transplants. Tell me, are they refusing perfectly good organs for transplants because the donor isn’t vaxxed?

Jim Hoft: Tragic: 6-Year-Old Child Develops Myocarditis Two Days After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

The virus is real. Nobody disputes that. And it is more often than not deadly to those of us who have core morbidities and compromised immunities. It is “The Science” that these political moonbats have created from it, most of it political science, that people are sick and damn tired of. All bacteria and viruses known and unknown to mankind are still here. I was just telling one of my doctor daughters over the weekend, “Do you remember the narration at the end of The War of The Worlds movies about what killed the aliens after all our mega-weapons and technology failed?”

It’s really not a stretch. H.G. Wells knew. It is common sense, and real science needs common sense in its scientists, void of politics and agendas. We’ve not had that these last two years, and apparently still do not have it today now that we are watching them and calling them out.

History will look back in an “If only…” reflection in all of this.

If only they had acknowledged the virus came out of the Wuhan lab.
If only they had admitted it was a lab-designed (GOF) virus that was possibly a bio-weapon.
If only they had been more concerned with our most vulnerable, instead of clumsily collectivizing all of us.
If only they had listened to other voices not in agreement with them.
If only…

David Solway: ‘Pandemic’ Truths: Time for a New Narrative

The new narrative, one imagines, would go something like this:

  • We cannot inject our way out of the pandemic; this is a fool’s errand. Nor should vaccines be administered in the midst of a viral outbreak.
  • Additionally, the vaccines have proven ineffective and nondurable.
  • As the Great Barrington Declaration recommends, focused protection for the most vulnerable, the aged and ailing, is the correct mitigating strategy: for the rest of the population, early treatment with safe and inexpensive therapeutics, healthy living, weight reduction and trust in the body’s amazing immune system.
  • Natural immunity is far preferable to the persistent infusion of largely untested drugs.
  • Censorship of presumed “misinformation” must be discontinued and open debate respecting other solutions allowed and encouraged.
  • The world’s leading independent virologists, epidemiologists and immunologists must be brought into the discussion and attended to.
  • Panic and fear are counterproductive. It needs to be acknowledged that the virus will remain endemically with us like the flu and the common cold; we must learn to live with it.

The new narrative, however, is far from generally accepted and will run into formidable opposition from the architects of the Great Reset, in particular chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab and his army of wealthy and influential cohorts…

But all is not lost. Woolf believes that “the plans of the elite, and the vision of Klaus Schwab” can be defeated as the public gradually awaken to the destruction being planned for them.

“‘The scaffolding of lies is crumbling before our eyes’ and we are observing the gradual “disintegration of the [old] narrative.”

By dint of a continuing and vigorous campaign mounted by scrupulous and erudite thinkers, brave internet souls and courageous medical specialists, and despite the black cumulus of censorship and deceit, information is coming out. People who have endured privation under the Covid autocrats or lost everything to government mandates and a dogmatic class of health officers will be part of the resistance vanguard, like the Trucker Freedom Convoy in Canada and elsewhere, or the citizens of New Orleans who are presently suing their mayor.

The vector of resentment against arbitrary authority is spiking. With effort and determination, the new narrative of reason and integrity may come to supplant the old narrative of disaster and control.


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

Posted by Maggie on February 9, 2022 in From the editors The left and dems are checking the polls and checking them twice, and their political naughtiness ain’t making the polls nice for them. Here’s hoping the voters are seeing right through them and not buying what they’re now trying to sell. What is going on, not just on the COVID…

Posted by Maggie on February 9, 2022 in From the editors The left and dems are checking the polls and checking them twice, and their political naughtiness ain’t making the polls nice for them. Here’s hoping the voters are seeing right through them and not buying what they’re now trying to sell. What is going on, not just on the COVID…