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I saw most of Biden’s recent Press Conference. My assessment seemed to be different from most of those commenting about it.

I was surprised that through most of this long outing, Biden did things we don’t usually get to see. He didn’t improvise or go on to some story. He made short answers in a take it or leave it, that’s all you get, demeanor. How surprising. He smiled a lot when the questions came, as if to say, I expected you to ask that; no problem, here is my answer.

Well, to be honest, he did expect them to ask it because, as usual, he called on those reporters chosen for him in advance; and he probably knew the question in advance as well.

But I was surprised at how cogent he seemed, and how he was able to field the questions with aplomb. Whatever they are giving him, that’s what we all should be getting.

Much to my astonishment the conservative analyzers of this press conference whom I heard, criticized Biden in the usual ways. “He was rambling, nonsensical, angry and it was a disaster for him.”

And even more astonishing, since then I have heard many liberal commentators on TV who were even more judgmental, saying Biden made a terrible show of himself. They couldn’t blast his performance worse if he were Trump. My goodness. (Hmmm.)

Why didn’t I have that impression?

Well, to be sure, as it went on Biden became less good and by the last fifteen minutes he stopped making any sense at all. Maybe that is what they saw. His medicine probably stopped working. He was confused and by the last fifteen minutes his remarks and responses were content-free. By then, it was what we usually expect when we get to hear Biden, incoherent and confusing. But for most of the presser, I found him answering questions directly. He was almost presidential. Why was my impression so different from everyone else’s?

Well, all that said, I must make it clear (Biden always says, “Let me be very clear.”) that every word Biden said was a bald faced lie. He may have used style and directness, as opposed to what we usually get. But he did not say one honest word in that two hours. It was all full of what the left does wrong projected, accusingly, on to the other side, shifting blame from himself to anyone he could think of, and bragging about how great things are. Every word was a lie. Anyone who could not see that is willfully blind, deaf and dumb to what has been going on this past year. I guess I could now give examples of his lies. Yes, I could very easily. And I am sure you could very easily as well.

But that is not what I want to focus on here. This was a meeting for the press. The questions and comments gave us no information and got us nowhere in assessing Biden’s first year.

The questions from the press were weak mostly, I thought. Those who analyzed the press conference brought that up, too.

I see no good to be gotten, for example, in the question, “Umpteen percent of the voters think you are not mentally sound enough for your job. Does that not concern you, Mr. President?” (Yet one of the people on TV thought this was a terrific question. Go figure.)

And what is the good of repeatedly asking him about Russia and Ukraine at this point? Whatever Biden says is going to be empty and frivolous and full of phony threats to make him sound aggressive, when we know he is weak and has no fight in him. The only anger Biden ever shows is when he insults those Americans who stop him from getting what he wants in his legislation.

Another asked, “Your polls are going down every day. Does this not concern you?”

Biden answered abruptly – “I don’t look at polls” and then looked for the next questioner, as in see how I am taking control? Except for one thing. A minute or two later Biden took time to discuss polls that favored him. Oy.

There were some good challengers toward the end, but the questions were mostly lame from what I saw.

Biden made assertions in answer to questions – all lies.


“No other administration has ever gotten as much done in his first year than I have,” Biden bragged. But every example he gave of his accomplishments involved bringing more power into Washington. So, sure, if you defy court orders, and if you think that getting Washington more money and power over Americans are good things, if you think spending trillions of dollars of money we don’t have is good, if you think that if Washington isn’t doing it, then nothing valuable is happening, if you dictatorially mandate a lot of things, then I guess if that’s the kind of stuff you believe is good, I can see why you might consider your having accomplished a lot.

On Greg Gutfeld’s show one of his guests remarked about Biden’s asking, “Name one president who accomplished more in his first year than I did.” The guest mocked Biden, quipping, “Zachary Taylor accomplished more.” Hysterical.

“What are our opponents FOR?” Biden kept asking this, feeling very proud of himself to have come up with such a killer question. He elaborated noting that all they do is show anger to let us know they are against our proposals. He said something like the John Lewis bill will allow freer and better voting conditions for all races, for all Americans and asserted that the undermining of elections taking place in Georgia wants to rob people of the right to vote. “Our bill will fix all that.” he confidently asserted.

How many lies can you count in just that excerpt? I could write a whole essay on the lies in that paragraph alone.

It would mean nothing to Joe Biden but here is my answer to his question..

Conservatives are FOR liberty, for lower taxes, for lowering government spending, for less government control or interference in our choices, for fewer regulations to hamper our ability to be free to carry on business.

We want no more mandates. We do not elect dictators. We want individual freedom. We are FOR G-d and morality. We are for criminals being punished so we can be free to live our lives and not fear that we might be killed or robbed or raped, or beaten up. We want to be rid of Soros D.A.s and replaced with law and order ones. We are for the Constitution, for learning real history, not what lefties make up and throw at us, we are for educators teaching the three R’s instead of in your face explicit sex, and questioning of sexual identity, we are for being allowed to respect ourselves even if we are not woke enough. And we are for CRT instruction disappearing forever from our schools.

AND we are FOR school choice.

Anyway if you read the Constitution, it has many things that admonish us about what we cannot do. Same with the Ten Commandments. That is all part of our moral and legal inheritance. And parents often teach things they are against as they raise their children to be good citizens. So what is so bad about being against things anyway? Some things it is good to be against.

In his responses Biden warned that if we don’t pass the unconstitutional nationalization of election laws bill – of course that is not how he described it – to him it was all urgent correction of bad law in states which harm Americans’ right to vote – if we don’t pass this new legislation right away, he implied, we will never be able to have safe voting for Americans.

The biggest joke of the whole affair was that shortly after making that worrying prediction, because he “won”, he bragged that more people voted freely in 2016 than ever before. So what is he worrying about? Ha and Ha.

He is worrying that if the left doesn’t get to monkey with election laws as they did in 2020, they cannot win. Legitimate voters, voting according to their free choices, are not going to elect these guys next time. That’s for certain. They need all of those dead voters, unverified mail in ballot voters, repeater voters, criminals they let out voters, and illegal immigrant voters to get more numbers if they hope to win in November.

Biden also warned that if we don’t have this new law passed to protect the rights of minorities and other voters, we might worry about the legitimacy of the results in November.

So if Hillary for four to six years insisted Trump knew he was not a legitimate President, or if Biden warns, as he did here, that if the John Lewis Bill is not passed, 2022 may be screwed up and not accepted as real results, that is excellent observation on their part. But if Trump wants to have it investigated whether there was fraud in 2020, he is dangerous, a dictator, and must never be allowed to get near the White House again.

One of the things that shocked me when I saw all the criticism Biden received from the left media was one of them remarked that it was disgraceful that Biden would try to delegitimize an election before it has taken place.This from a liberal? I thought I was in la la land.

Interruption – did you notice that when they asked Trump at a debate if he would accept the results of the election, his answer was SO SHOCKING to Hillary that she had to give a speech about how NEVER in her life has she heard anyone say anything that dangerous? But did you also notice that never in any debate did they ever ask Hillary the same question? I’m just mentioning.

But the most shocking thing about the whole two hours was the questions that were asked by the press and the ones that were NOT. The questions asked were mostly softballs. And it was obvious that Biden knew what they were in advance so he kept that I’m-glad-you-asked-that-question smile on his face as he answered.

When later on someone asked him a more challenging question, Biden would begin to answer and then go off on a tangent and, not having answered, he would then go on to the next questioner.

If you look at lists of what American voters are concerned about, most of the questions at this press conference did not take up those issues. It was mystifying to me the questions not asked. Now I admit I didn’t see the whole thing. I was out of the house and might have missed one of these questions I wished had been asked. But no one analyzing the two hours mentioned any of these below in their assessments.

With Biden getting so many pre chosen reporters and questions there is less time for the better questions. But this was two hours long so there should have been time for more good ones.
Here is a list of questions any one of which I wish came up:

Mr. President, with the world being more dangerous than ever, why are you not building up the military and beefing up ways to counter the ability of our enemies to invade our energy grid and our computers? Why are we not doing more to conquer space and prevent our enemies from being in control in space? Why would you choose to make it easier for Iran to go nuclear?
China and North Korea are threatening their neighbors. What do you plan to do to let them know they must stop?

Mr. President, murders, thefts, and other crimes in major cities (mostly run by leftist democrats) have risen to record levels this year. What do you think has caused this and what do you plan to do about it? How much do you blame the D.A.s in these cities who are allowing criminal recidivists back on the streets? How much do you blame those who have urged that we defund the police?

Mr. President, you can assert that inflation is transitory but it is evident that American families will be bedeviled with it for a long time. Very high government spending and printing of money contributes greatly to inflation. Inflation robs Americans as their money can’t go as far as it usually does. As a follow up the high cost of energy contributes greatly to inflation. Are you sorry you ended the Keystone pipeline which provided us with cheap oil? Do you regret allowing Russia to open its pipeline? For the first time we became energy independent and we were exporting energy. Now we enrich our enemies as we beg them to produce more oil. We must buy from our enemies forcing our energy costs to rise greatly. Are you considering reversing your decisions about the pipelines?

Mr. President, taxes are already so high on most Americans. You want to raise taxes in the rich you say. Two questions – since it is the rich who provide a lot of jobs for Americans, wouldn’t you be hurting the middle class by taxing the rich more, and why are you offering a tax cut to the rich by reversing the last tax bill’s ending of the deduction for state taxes which only benefitted the wealthy?

Mr. President, we have shortages on shelves as the supply chain is interrupted. Truckers and unloaders at docks are not working because of choices your administration has made. Regulations have increased rapidly. Mandates are forcing these workers to stay home and things are not getting delivered. Would you reconsider getting rid of your overregulation and mandates to help getting these people back on the job?

Mr. President, how can you expect us to believe you care about the American people and their not being harmed by Covid when you are allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in at the border who are not being tested or examined for any disease, who are not being vaccinated, and who are then – the ones you catch at least – being sent all over the country in a huge super spreader event? Where is the proof in that that you care about the health of our citizens?

Mr. President, how can you expect us to believe that you have American’s best interests at heart when you are allowing killer drugs like Fentanyl into the country, when you are allowing sex traffickers, terrorists, and dangerous gang members in in higher numbers than ever before in our history? These will all soon be invading everywhere in our country and they represent a grave danger to all of us. Why won’t you close our border and stop letting these people in?

Mr. President, as we sit here, people are in hospitals dying of Covid and their doctors are ordering that their patients be given therapeutics, early invasion items like Ivermectin, or the hydroxychloroquin cocktail of medicines, or antibody treatments, which have worked to save lives. But pharmacists or hospitals won’t allow the patients to have these life saving alternatives ordered by their doctors. We always hear you ordering everyone to take the vaccine shots. You warn that their lives will be threatened with isolation and worse if we do not obey. (Read the essay The Nazi Next Door in American Greatness) Mr President, why have we never heard you talk about the efficacy of therapeutics? Have you anything to say to hospitals about saving the lives of dying patients by following what their doctors have ordered?

Mr. President, we know by now conclusively that the vaccine does not prevent us from getting the virus, even from getting it more than once, albeit we are told it will be a milder case because we took the vaccines. Are you ready yet to forget about vaccine mandates?

Mr. President, Dr. Fauci assures us that every American is going to get Omicron. Since he claims he is science, why then is he not recommending that we throw away our masks? What is the point of wearing them anymore if he is correct.?

Mr. President, the generals who advised you did not agree with your methods in the way we left Afghanistan. You did not follow their advice but had your own plans. You seem to think every choice you made is perfect under the circumstances. How many on those planes were our allies or Americans? We never vetted anyone. How do we know that we didn’t bring to our country terrorists or ordinary Afghans who did not help us? We betrayed so many by leaving them behind and now so many are being killed under hellish circumstances. You asserted today that the reason no American had been killed in Afghanistan in the year before we decided to leave is that Trump told them in advance that we are leaving by May first. Do you take any responsibility for all of the many deaths since we left this sad country?

And the whopper question which no one would dare have the audacity to ask:

Mr. President, throughout this press conference every problem we have experienced in America this past year you have blamed on outside things or other people. You said the buck stops here. What would you here and now like to take full personal responsibility for?

Those are the questions I would like to hear instead of the mostly softball ones I heard.


~~Many thanks to The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

Posted by Honey on January 23, 2022 in Assault on America, Election 2020, POTUS, The Aftermath, U.S. Politics, United States I saw most of Biden’s recent Press Conference. My assessment seemed to be different from most of those commenting about it. I was surprised that through most of this long outing, Biden did things we don’t usually get to see. He didn’t improvise or go on…

Posted by Honey on January 23, 2022 in Assault on America, Election 2020, POTUS, The Aftermath, U.S. Politics, United States I saw most of Biden’s recent Press Conference. My assessment seemed to be different from most of those commenting about it. I was surprised that through most of this long outing, Biden did things we don’t usually get to see. He didn’t improvise or go on…