47 popular home upgrades people are making that are under $35 on Amazon

Maybe your kitchen and bathroom are begging for a complete remodel, but you don’t have a ton of cash to spend on upgrades. Don’t worry: Small improvements don’t have to cost a fortune. My specific approach is starting with the little things because they can make a big difference. For example, before I change the cabinets, I change the handles — and before I replace the flooring, I put down throw rugs. It’s possible to make these kinds of changes without spending hundreds of dollars, especially with these Amazon products that are under $35.

That’s right: Thanks to the items on this list — which range from home improvement tools to luxurious bedsheets — upgrading your space can be easy and affordable. From an adjustable mount that lets you put a recipe screen in the kitchen to a curtain made of glistening string lights to help create a soothing atmosphere, you’ll find loads of terrific, cost-effective, and fun home upgrades. There are even things like silicone furniture feet to help protect your hardwood floors, along with peel-and-stick backsplash for your kitchen.

What’s cool about all of these products is that so many Amazon shoppers can’t get enough of them, as they’ve left hundreds and thousands of positive reviews. Go ahead and join the masses; add new products to your cart and upgrade your living space on a budget.

1. These bedsheets with over 130,000 great reviews

If you ask me, it’s much easier to have freshly washed sheets if you own a few changes of sheets that dry quickly and don’t shrink, fade, or wrinkle — and these microfiber sheets are perfect. They’re also seriously soft and available in over 40 colors and patterns. Oh, and did I mention that they have over 130,000 positive reviews? Because, yes, they do.

  • Available sizes: Twin – California King

2. These adapters that make any light motion-sensitive

Turn your home into a futuristic space station by simply screwing in these motion-sensing adapters. It’ll seem as if your home is anticipating your every need by turning the lights on when you approach (and off again when you are leave). This will save you a small fortune, too, since forgetting to turn off lights can be wildly expensive.

3. This clever trick for turning your TV into a home theater

Sometimes, the TV is an eyesore in the living room — but not with the addition of these backlights. Simply peel and stick the strip lights as you unwind them off the roll and cut off the excess. When the TV is off, it’ll give off a colored glow — and when it’s on, the lights can match the sound of your movie. It’s also a great way to dress up a gaming rig.

4. These silicone furniture feet to help prevent scratches

There’s a better way to stop your chairs from scraping the floor than the irritating adhesive felt pads you’ve probably been using. These silicone shoes that fit over your chair feet have a cork sole to stop the noise — and they’re simple, stay on, and don’t attract dust and pet fur. Just put them on the chair feet just as you would shoes.

5. This genius way to round up your tangled cables

That pile of cables and cords under your desk or behind the TV is probably visible, but you can make it less so by wrangling it all into this decorative box. All the cords exit through the back, so it looks sleek — and the lid snaps on securely to help keep small paws out.

6. A set of stove covers that are seriously easy to clean

These burner covers make cleaning the stove as easy and satisfying as pulling the plastic cover off a new phone. All the dirt and spills comes away with them, leaving your stove instantly clean. You can put the covers in the dishwasher (or wash them in the sink), and then put them back on with minimal effort.

7. A tablet holder that you can mount pretty much anywhere

Mount your recipe collection and how-to videos in the kitchen, put a tablet at eye-height on your desk, or create a video phone anywhere in your house by mounting your tablet to the wall, cabinets, or table with this clever mount and stand. The legs contract and expand, so it can go from standing on a flat surface to hanging at eye level simply by picking it up and sliding it into the clever wall adapters.

8. An outlet extender with a built-in shelf & night light

Turn any underused outlet into a wall-mounted charging station simply by installing this outlet extender with a built-in shelf. It has three standard outlets and four USB plugs, a shelf with channels for cords, and a night light — that way, you can find it and see what you’re doing in the dark.

9. These soft Velcro covers for your fridge handles

If your fridge is made with stainless steel, these double-sided handle covers will help protect them from stains. Simply Velcro them on and never look at handprints all over your appliance handles again. They look sleek — but when they get dirty, you can throw them in the wash. This is a two-pack for a fridge.

10. The wall mounted air purifier that keep your space smelling good

This wall mounted air freshener will make those spaces in your home that may need a little more freshening up smell so much better with just a few spritzes. Just place a standard-size air freshener inside the device, and set it to dispense sweet-smelling fragrance whenever you want it.

11. This toilet wand with cleanser-infused brushes attached

If you find the entire toilet-cleaning chore to be undesirable, this Clorox wand will be your go-to bathroom tool. The storage caddy holds the disposable cleanser-and bleach-infused sponges as well as the handle. Just click a sponge onto the handle, clean the toilet, and push a button to throw the sponge out.

12. The marble adhesive for walls & countertops

Want marble counters? That’s probably expensive, but counters or tabletops that look like marble aren’t costly at all — and they can be installed within a few hours. This customizable contact film has a special adhesive that lets you revamp your home without installing actual marble surfaces, but it looks just as real.

13. A leather conditioner that’ll make your couch new again

Smooth a bit of this odorless Leather Honey treatment on your worn, scuffed, or damaged leather and wait while it soaks in. The results will astonish you as those worn-in couches, chairs, or boots slowly drink these rich conditioners and return to their like-new-but-softened appearance.

14. The quick fix for your sagging recliner or chair

You don’t need to dump your beloved recliner the moment it starts wearing down. Just bolster its sagging cushions with this seat cushion support insert. Available in three different widths, it’s designed to fit most couches. Just put it under the cushions, replace the cushions, and enjoy.

15. These plant pots that water your greens for you

You don’t have to trust a neighbor to take care of your plants when you’re away if you plant them in these self-watering pots. There’s an inner pot inside the decorative outer pot and a level marker so you can see when that inner liner needs to be filled. Your plant sits in the inner pot, which is raised above the water so its roots don’t rot.

16. This boot scrubber that keeps dirt out of your house

Even if you don’t demand that everyone who enters take their shoes off, you can offer a way for them to easily get their dirty boots clean first. Set this boot-cleaning brush in the entryway, and with a quick step and scrape, everyone can remove the caked on mud, snow, or whatever else they’re about to track across your floors.

17. These sleek shelves that organize your shower

If you ask me, this set of shower caddies is the solution to every single one of your shower organization problems. There are two caddies and one soap holder that hang from a clear adhesive backing. The caddies have hooks for your sponges or razors, and all the pieces are able to reposition.

18. The cleaner made for your stainless steel appliances

If you find it frustrating to keep the stainless steel appliances and surfaces in your kitchen clean, it might be because you’re using the wrong cleanser. This stainless steel cleaner not only gets surfaces clean and shiny — without the streaks — but it also creates a coating that prevents fingerprints.

19. The markers & crayons that fix your dinged wooden furniture

If your hardwood floors have a few scratches, you don’t have to clear all the furniture and move out for days to have them refinished. You can fix those — and all the marks on furniture and cabinets — quickly with this wood repair kit. Fill the deep scratches with the wax crayons and cover blemishes with the markers. It works on furniture, cabinets, floors, and other wood surfaces.

20. The tile backsplash you can install by yourself

If you can put on a Band-Aid, you can do your own backsplash. This peel-and-stick tile backsplash is easy to install, looks amazing, cleans beautifully, and is easy to trim with scissors (according to over 2,000 reviewers who’ve used it to do a super-cheap, DIY kitchen upgrades).

21. A set of baskets to organize the pantry & fridge

These stackable organizers will quickly tidy up your pantry, bathroom, cupboards, or fridge by providing easy access compartments where you need them. They come in four colors, slide in and out easily, and are deep enough to hold plenty of items. Plus, over 5,000 reviewers have given them five stars.

22. This cable organizer set that tames charger chaos

How much of your desk is devoted to a cluttered collection of charging cables? This clip organization system will help reduce that mess. Just stick the row of clips to the back of your desk (or even to your car’s dash or bedside table), and snap the cables in. They’ll stay put so you’ll always know where they are.

23. A shower head that self cleans for better water pressure

Replacing your current shower head with this hand wand that’s built with antimicrobial nozzles that don’t clog might be all you need to boost your water pressure. It offers six different water pressure settings, including high-power, mist, and more.

24. These clips that help prevent fitted sheets from sliding off

If you have a deep mattress or your favorite sheets are starting to lose elasticity in the corners, these adjustable sheet clips are a quick and easy way to keep them on the bed. Clip the sheets into the clasps then cinch them tight. Almost 10,000 people approve of them.

25. The satin pillowcases that are gentle on your skin & hair

When you lie down to sleep, the fabric of your pillowcase rubs against your hair and skin for hours. The texture can either tug your strands or help keep them smooth, depending on the fabric. These satin cases do the latter, which means you wake up less tousled and with hair that hasn’t been pulled on all night. These are silky as can be and come in 21 beautiful colors.

26. These shower dispensers for a spa-like bathroom

You can turn your own shower into a deluxe boutique hotel by mounting these matching high-volume dispensers to the wall. You can buy big bottles of product to save money, but you’ll never have to struggle with the bottles to get clean again. Just push a button to dispense.

27. The coffee table you clip to the arm of your chair

This clip-on table puts your coffee, snacks, and remote control right where you can reach them while you’re lounging around on the couch — so why clutter the place up with more furniture? This thing is made of solid, stable wood — and it opens to fit a wide range of arm sizes. It’s decorative, too. When you aren’t using it, you can stash it under the couch until next time.

28. These liners that catch drips & crumbs in the oven

When oil, cheese, or sauces spill over your baking projects, they drip to the bottom of the oven and become a nightmare to clean up. Preventing that is much easier than recovering from it, and this oven liner is easier than spreading out foil. It withstands high heat — and when it’s dirty, you can wash it in the sink.

29. A candle that smells like a fir tree

Featuring notes of Siberian fir, cedarwood, and sandalwood, this scented candle will instantly make your home feel warm and inviting. It’s made from paraffin wax with a long-lasting 15-hour burn, and it comes in a decorative, festive jar. Choose from 2-ounce and 6.5-ounce sizes.

30. These easy-to-install lights that detect motion

Take the simple and easy road to excellent under-cabinet lighting and stop worrying about wiring and construction by mounting these rechargeable LED lights, which have the ability to detect motion. Just peel and stick the magnetic mount to the underside of your cabinets, snap the lights onto that, and choose which setting you want. That’s it. They’re USB rechargeable and throw excellent light. Plus, you can take them if you move, and they’re nearly invisible when off.

31. The fridge deodorizer that stops unwanted smells

If your fridge needs a refresh, you can easily eliminate unwanted odors with these powerful fridge deodorizers. While they’re unscented, they work for up to six months until needing to be replaced — and you can even use them in the freezer. Each pack comes with two, so you can replace when necessary, without having to bother with reordering

32. The door draft stopper that’s simple to install

If you’re shivering indoors (even when your door is shut), installing this insulated draft stopper at the bottom of your exterior door can help. Cut it to size, peel and stick it to the door, and keep your heat inside — and the cold, sound, and even bugs outside.

33. A stick vacuum that’s also a dust buster

This stick vacuum cleaner is everything your small apartment needs, and it takes up almost no space. Disconnect the handle, and it’s a dust buster — and add back the floor attachment to do the stairs. You can even use the handle to vacuum everything else. A washable filtration system traps pollen and fur, and an 18-foot-long cord let you keep moving until the job is done.

34. This bamboo mat for a dry bathroom floor

Step out of the bath or shower onto this bamboo lattice mat and let the water drip away from your feet. The mat shouldn’t slide out from under you, because there are grippy rubber feet on the bottom — and it won’t hold water like a fabric rug. Four of these mats together make a unique and inexpensive floor covering.

35. The silicone covers for those stove & counter gaps

Most kitchens have a slide-in range but not all of them have been carefully fitted, which means that many people are living with gaps between that range and their counters where spills, utensils, and other items fall, never to be seen again. These clear silicone covers quickly fix that. Just cut them to size and press them into the gap and you’ll never lose anything down there again. They blend into any décor, too, because they are practically invisible.

36. The quick fix for your spotty internet connection

Are there places in your house where the internet doesn’t reach? This range extender is a fast and easy solution to that common problem. Plug it in, connect it to your network, and surf away. It grabs the signal you already have, amplifies it, and delivers it to spaces that are too far from your router. That way, you have an all-over-the-house connection.

37. The brilliant pet hair remover you can keep using

When an affectionate pet deposits a patch of fur on your pants or leaves a bed of it on the couch, just wipe it up with one of these two adhesive brushes. They’re effective because their surfaces are armed with dense, grippy material (and not sticky, disposable sheets). When the brush is covered in fur, just insert it into the cover and that fur will get pulled right off. You’ll get a large brush for home and a smaller travel brush.

38. This one device that brings limitless viewing to your TV

Plug the Fire TV Stick in the HDMI plug on your TV or projector and access everything including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more. You’ll only pay for the subscriptions you want — aside from the Fire TV Stick itself – and everything is watch-on-demand.

39. The solution to those water marks on the coffee table

Do you get bummed when someone sets a damp glass on your coffee table? Well, there’s no reason to when you’ve got this magical cloth that wipes that can wipe that mark away. You just need a bit of elbow grease to get it done — but this cloth will also takes out scratches, latex paint, permanent marker, and many other mistakes.

40. This alarm clock that wakes you up like the rising sun

This gentle alarm clock works like the rising sun by slowly starting at a low red glow and increasing the brightness until you’re awake. It’s also a clock, reading light, and sound machine, so you can also fall asleep and wake up to the sounds of nature. Plus, if you want to switch it up, you can opt for one of six other colors too.

41. This smart lightbulb that you can control with your voice

Go from bright, task lighting to sultry date-night lighting with a tap to your phone simply by installing this smart lightbulb. It connects an app on your phone so you can adjust the brightness or color remotely — and if you set it up with your smart system, you can even control it with your voice.

42. This magnetic wall-mounted kitchen knife rack

Mount this magnetic knife rack above your cooking area, and all your kitchen knives will suddenly be within reach while you prepare meals. Plus, washing and putting them away will become a quick movement since they can can dry right on the rack. It can also hold your most-used metal utensils.

43. These silicone bags that can replace your freezer bags

You’ll never have to buy disposable plastic freezer bags again once you stock your kitchen with these resealable, reusable, durable, storage bags. They zip closed and don’t leak — but they’re also transparent, and you can wash them hundreds of times.

44. A smart light switch that you can use for dimming

Not only is this smart wall switch easy to install, but it’s also seriously convenient. It connects to your in-house artificial intelligence — Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana — so you can stay on the couch and ask for your bulbs to turn on, off, or dim.

45. This string light curtain for a subtle, cozy glow

Illuminate your living space while creating a warm, cozy mood with this gorgeous light curtain. It looks beautiful lit — in waves, flashes, slow fades, twinkles, or steady modes — and it’s even available in different colors.

46. A brilliant key hook that’s exactly where you need it to be

This key hook is one of those inventions you’ll wish you came up with yourself. Simply replace the lower screw — or screws, if there are two — in your light switch with this super-strong neodymium magnet, and it’ll turn that space into a handy-but-almost-invisible place to keep your keys where you can find them. Just stick your keys to it.

47. This bidet with a self-cleaning mode

This inexpensive add-on bidet will help you rinse every time — and it’s about the same price as a single case of toilet paper. It has an adjustable spray on two nozzles (front and back), as well as an automatic cleaning mode. Installation is super easy.

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Maybe your kitchen and bathroom are begging for a complete remodel, but you don’t have a ton of cash to spend on upgrades. Don’t worry: Small improvements don’t have to cost a fortune. My specific approach is starting with the little things because they can make a big difference. For example, before I change the…

Maybe your kitchen and bathroom are begging for a complete remodel, but you don’t have a ton of cash to spend on upgrades. Don’t worry: Small improvements don’t have to cost a fortune. My specific approach is starting with the little things because they can make a big difference. For example, before I change the…