45 surprising things that make a big impact on how good your home looks

It’s the small details that really make your home yours. Sure, we all need a couch, a dining room table, and a bed — but it’s really the little things that make your home attractive and livable. Here’s an example: I moved in with two roommates a few months ago, and we quickly discovered that the upstairs hallway connecting our bedrooms had no windows aside from a small skylight. It gets plenty of natural light during the day, but becomes pitch black and frankly, kind of spooky at night. The overhead light is too bright to leave on, so we just lived in the dark until my roommate had the brilliant idea to hang string lights at the top of the stairs – a tiny shift that really changed the way we moved through the space.

You might be shocked by how seemingly silly products can make your life easier and more comfortable. From organizational items like these tiered bamboo shelves to kitchen accessories like this universal knife block, there are tons of small but meaningful upgrades to be made everywhere you look. Start by reading through these 45 surprising home items, and you’re sure to find at least one thing that will instantly improve the appearance and function of your home in a big way.

1. These clear bins that are key for food storage

I can’t recommend these clear pantry organizers for food storage enough, especially if you live in a large or shared household. Amazon reviewers agree and have given these a 4.8-star rating with over 13,000 reviews. Each one of the eight stacking bins can be used in the freezer, fridge or pantry, and have built in handles for easy handling. They can help separate your food from your roommate’s, keep ingredients organized by category, and maximize storage space.

2. The furniture markers that cover scratches instantly

Cover up scratches, nicks, dings, and other imperfections in your furniture in seconds with these wood touch-up markers. They come in shades from black to oak, which can be mixed and matched as needed so you can shade and conceal small scratches and discoloration. Each marker comes with a complementary wax crayon that doesn’t just color the imperfections, but fills them in, extending the life of your favorite vintage furniture.

3. These shelf dividers that offer simple organization

Even the most neatly-folded piles can quickly tip over and cause mayhem. These shelf dividers are a simple tool that will stylishly organize your closet. They hook onto your existing shelves and measure 12 inches high, separating your sweaters from your slacks from your towels. Each divided section will stay rigidly in place, and they’re made from a durable polymer fabric with steel hooks to last a lifetime.

4. A plunger and toilet brush that are surprisingly sleek

This modern toilet bowl brush and plunger set is one of the most functional ways to store two unsightly but essential items. The matching set is subtle and sleek, available in nine colors to suit your existing bathroom decor. The plunger has a dome-shaped lid that locks in place to disguise it, and the brush sits inside its holder when not in use, with a round dish to shield your hands from splashes when you need it.

5. This clever knife block that can fit any blade

Maybe you’re looking for a solution for your mismatched knife collection that keeps them in prime condition — allow me to introduce this bamboo universal knife block. It fits any blade up to eight inches long, and has dishwasher-safe flex rods that won’t make them chip or dull over time. It looks super sleek on your counter and matches any kind of decor.

6. A multi-tasking bench for sitting and storage

No matter if you place it in your closet, at the end of your bed, or by the front door, this storage bench ottoman will serve three important purposes: Hidden storage, a convenient seat, and polished decor. It’s the perfect place to stash shoes, extra linens, sweaters, and other bulky items, and at just over two feet long, it doesn’t take up much space. The PVC leather it’s made of is durable and waterproof, and the bench itself can support up to 440 pounds on top, so lounge as you please.

7. A mini crumb vacuum that makes dusting a breeze

Cross dusting off your list with this mini vacuum cleaner. The cordless, battery-powered vacuum is made for tabletop cleaning, picking up crumbs, hair, dust, and dirt with just a 360 degree spiral blade and two AA batteries. At just over 3 inches across, it’s easy to stash and pull out as needed for your desk, coffee table, bookshelf, car, and more.

8. These tiny lights that stick to any surface

These stick-on portable lights offer an easy solution for illuminating any dark shelf, closet, hallway, or other nook and cranny of your home. They’re surprisingly bright in spite of their size (just 7.5 inches long), and have a motion sensor that automatically turns on when there’s activity within 10 feet. Stick them to any surface with the included magnets and sticky tape. The rechargeable battery is sure to last for ages no matter how much use they get.

9. A cutlery tray that saves space in your drawers

If drawer storage is in high demand, try this compact cutlery organizer tray. The slim design has five stacked compartments for different types of silverware, and fits in drawers of at least 3.25 inches in height. Each compartment has its own handy cutlery icon for easy organization, and it fits up to 24 pieces — more than enough for the average household, and way nicer looking than a jumbled, unorganized drawer.

10. A slim laundry bin with 2 ways to transport clothes

If you’re looking for the perfect compact laundry hamper that suits your space and needs, try this rolling laundry basket. It measures in at just 8.6 inches wide, and has wheels and a removable washable bag to make transport to the washing machine easier than other bags. You can toss the entire wash bag directly into the washing machine with clothes, so you’ll never risk losing a sock or your favorite shirt in a laundromat or in-building laundry room again.

11. A set of matching accessories for a cohesive bathroom

For outfitting a new space or giving yours a makeover, this six-piece bathroom accessory set has everything you need to give the most important room in your home an instant, uniform new look. The set includes matching everything: A liquid soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, soap dish, cup, trash can, and toilet brush with holder. It comes in sleek black as well as five other solid colors, and is a super affordable way to create a uniform look that’ll last.

12. A set of fun & functional floating corner shelves

Not only is this five-tier floating shelving unit easy to install and decorate with, it’s also a unique, eye-catching home decor piece. Available in eight colors that complement any style of room, these shelves look great in the corner of almost any room, but if you want to use them individually, you can too. It’s an efficient way to show off books, photos, knick knacks, or even dishes and toiletries. Assembly and mounting is easy with all the appropriate hardware included.

13. The tiered rotating organizer that transforms a pantry

Keep all your snacks at arm’s reach in this two-tier adjustable turntable, and your pantry will be the envy of the neighborhood. It snaps together in seconds, and includes two tiers that you can adjust accordingly for height. With three clear bins and a rotating setup, you’ll be able to sort and find what you’re looking for at a moment’s notice.

14. These damage-free wall hooks that have serious style

Whether you rent or just don’t want to put holes in your walls, you can’t miss with these Command hooks that are so sleek. The set includes to matte black or brushed nickel decorative hooks, which hold up to three pounds apiece without any damage to your walls. Use it for hanging practically anything: towels, keys, bags, and jewelry all work well on these hooks, which are more stylish than alternatives, so you won’t mind showing them off.

15. A sustainable, non-toxic stone that cleans your toilet

Make cleaning the toilet a little less arduous with this pumice stone. The toilet bowl ring remover lifts unsightly scale, rust, and mineral deposits from porcelain surfaces. In spite of its abrasive surface, it won’t scratch or damage the surface, and it works harder than a brush or chemical products ever could. Not to mention, it’s more eco-friendly than many alternatives and a great non-toxic cleaning product to have on hand.

16. The shelving system that shows off your spices

So you’re a home chef with every herb and spice you could possibly want in your pantry, but you can’t find any of them. You need the Spicy Shelf: a versatile, stacking cabinet organizer that holds up to 40 pounds and 64 spice bottles. One set of two shelves expands from as little as 7 3/8 inches wide to 32 3/4 inches, so it’ll fit in practically any cabinet, cupboard, or storage area. The unique U-shape will make it easy to see exactly what you have on hand, and it’s adjustable by height, too.

17. A kit to neatly organize & conceal annoying cables

It’s easy to accumulate a bunch of electronic cords that not only look cluttered, especially near your desk or TV, i. Clean them up and stash them away with the help of this cable management box, which hides an entire power strip-worth of cords in a subtle, stylish box. This kit comes with three sizes of boxes, as well as some cable clip holders and six velcro ties to keep them coiled up neatly, out of sight, and out of mind, once and for all.

18. The durable fabric storage bags that fit under your bed

Good under-bed storage is hard to come by, so don’t miss out on these foldable bags. They’re a great way to store extra linens, off-season clothing, pillows, and more. They feature a transparent window on the top so you can see exactly what’s inside and straps that make pulling it out from under your bed easier than similar products. The breathable fabric keeps the items inside fresh, and it has a durable zipper and handles to make it last for ages.

19. A stacking rack to house your canned food collection

Canned foods can take up a ton of space in your pantry and block your view of other ingredients. Instead try sorting them in this can rack organizer. This stackable metal rack holds up to 36 cans or jars of various sizes. Six adjustable plastic dividers keep the contents visible and in place, and it can also store kitchen supplies like plastic wrap or aluminum foil if you have space left over.

20. This self-adhesive wallpaper that makes a bold DIY accent wall

If you think installing wallpaper is a time-consuming project that requires serious commitment, think again. This peel-and-stick herringbone wallpaper is a modern design answer that gives any wall in your home an instant, eye-catching refresher. There’s no glue, so therefore there’s no mess, and it leaves no damage behind. Measure your space before proceeding so you know exactly how much wallpaper you need. It comes in three sizes, and the pattern lines up almost perfectly even if you’re using multiple sheets.

21. A tiered basket organizer to streamline cabinets

For useful storage on a smaller scale, try this two-tier organizer. It’ll help you organize your bathroom cabinets, desk, bedroom, and more. At 14 inches long and 7 inches wide with built-in adjustable dividers, you can really customize it for whatever purposes you need. Spots for labeling make this already clever organizer all the more useful and easy to navigate.

22. The airtight containers that organize your pantry

One way to ensure your pantry looks cluttered and your food goes bad faster is to keep all your dry ingredients in their original packaging — and who wants that? Instead, pour pasta, dry baking staples, grains, candy, and other snacks into these airtight food storage containers. These Amazon favorites use a high-tech sealing mechanism that keep ingredients fresh for weeks. The set comes with seven containers of various sizes as well as 24 labels that you can wipe and reuse as needed. It’ll be easier to find what you’re looking for, and you’ll waste less food in the long run.

23. A corner bamboo shelving unit that’s effective & versatile

The possibilities for this three-tier corner bamboo shelf are as endless as your imagination. Use it in the kitchen to house herbs, spices, and oils, in the bathroom to show off your makeup and skincare, in your office to organize your desk essentials…you get the picture. Adjust the position of each tier to suit your needs: This bamboo and stainless steel shelving unit can be used over and over to optimize practically any space.

24. These hardworking hangers that maximize closet space

If you’re running out of space in your closet (me) and you’ve parted with as many clothing items as you possibly can (also me), try optimizing your hanging space with these S-shape hangers. Each hanger holds five items in the space of one, simply by sliding them onto each of the stainless steel slots, which makes great use of lateral closet space. They’ll keep pants, towels, scarves, skirts, and more from creasing, while literally quintupling your available hanging space.

25. A handy grocery bag holder that mounts on the wall

As hard as I try to remember my reusable bags when I grocery shop, I inevitably end up with a jumbled stash of plastic bags in my cabinets. If that’s you too, try mounting this wall grocery bag dispenser and feeding them through the slots. That way, they’ll be readily available when you need them, and your cabinets or pantry will look that much neater. The device has garnered a 4.8-star overall rating with over 25,000 reviews, so you can trust that it’s useful and easy to install.

26. This compact tray that replaces a bedside table

In smaller rooms, you may not have space for a full bedside table. But this bedside shelf makes a compact replacement. It’s essentially a tray that tucks into your bedframe, offering a handy place to set a drink or your phone at night thanks to a handy cup holder and cable slots. The 15-inch shelf holds up to 50 pounds and can be set up in less than a minute.

27. A classic hanging fruit basket to clean up your counters

This hanging fruit basket is perfect if you like to keep your fresh produce on display but out of the way. It turns apples and oranges into home decor, with three tiered metal baskets that cleverly show off their contents while reducing the clutter from your countertops.

28. A set of wall-mounted holders to keep your desk clear

For your office or entryway, these wall mounted file organizers are the answer you’ve been looking for to clean up documents. They’re made from high quality chicken wire, with a tag slot to label each bin and an arched pocket design to easily remove what you need. Use the set of three to sort mail, magazines, documents, notebooks, and more.

29. This space-saving holder for brooms, mops & more

Sure, you can gingerly stack your cleaning supplies in a corner, waiting for the day they topple over all at once. Or, you can install this wall-mounted broom and mop holder, which has four spring-loaded slots with rubber grips that holds up to 40 pounds of tools securely. There are also four hangers for smaller items, like brushes, spades, and towels. Use it indoors or out for cleaning supplies, gardening tools, hardware, and more.

30. A rotating container for sleek utensil storage

Every kitchen needs easily-accessible utensil storage. Keep your spatulas, whisks, spoons, and ladles at the ready in this extra large rotating utensil holder. Three removable divided internal compartments can separate 15 to 20 large handled tools, and it spins around for convenience — no digging around for what you need.

31. The foldable bins that double as home decor

These foldable storage bins are as effective as they are stylish. With minimalist color-blocked fabric and brown leather handles, they’re ideal for out-in-the-open storage, whether you’re looking to sort toys, linens, books, or other home items. These aesthetically-pleasing baskets are a best-seller on Amazon, with over 12,000 five-star reviews.

32. A clip-on couch table that installs in seconds

No side table? No problem. Simply clip this sofa arm table to your couch, and you’ve got a convenient, handsome surface to set your drinks, snacks, and remote on. There’s no assembly required: The spring arms will hold the table in place on any couch arm up to 9 inches wide, with no tools or effort required on your part. It’s made of food-grade plastic, but comes in a deep mahogany red color that makes it look way more expensive.

33. A genius cabinet rack for pots and pans

Is your cabinet bursting at the seams with all your pots and pans, threatening to tip over at any second? You need this pan organizer rack, which will keep all your cookware orderly and intact at all times. It has eight adjustable tiers that can be used horizontally or vertically, and you can use it to store baking sheets, trays, lids, and other kitchen essentials too.

34. A multi-purpose organizer that hangs on your wall

This mail holder is the perfect wall accessory to help you organize your office or entryway in style. The multi-functional organizer has a large compartment to store letters, paperwork, or magazines, there’s a shelf for decor or easy access items, and four double hooks for jackets, headphones, keys, or dog leashes. At just over a foot long, it’s the perfect size to cleverly outfit whatever space in your home needs some intervention.

35. A stylish tray for storing coffee pods & other accessories

Coffee lovers can outfit their caffeination station in style with the help of this sleek coffee pod drawer. Unlike similar drawers, this one has three compartments that each hold 12 pods but can also hold tea bags, sweetener packets, and other small essentials, which keeps your coffee station extremely organized. This drawer is an Amazon shopper favorite with over 15,000 ratings and a 4.8-star rating overall.

36. A lightbulb with customizable colors & brightness

This color changing light bulb is the ideal way to set the mood in an instant. It comes with a remote to customize between 16 colors, five levels of brightness, and four light patterns, so you don’t need to mess with a smart home or app. The bulb will remember your exact settings when you turn it back on, so there’s no need to adjust every single time.

37. These grout pens that let you skip scrubbing tiles

The tiled areas of your home — specifically, the grout — could probably use some TLC. Give it a quick and easy face lift with this beige tile paint marker, so you can restore its appearance to new. Use the non-toxic, quick-drying, water-based formula anywhere you have unsealed tile in your home.

38. These stickers that create a backsplash in an instant

Add a stylish backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom using using these self-adhesive peel and stick tile stones — no handyman required. It’s a simple project that gives your walls a new look, and the stickers are humidity resistant that won’t leave damage behind.

39. A broom & dustpan set that works hard so you don’t have to

It’s 2022, and you deserve a broom and dustpan set that doesn’t require you to bend over. This home cleanup kit includes a 52-inch long broom, and a dustpan with built-in teeth at its lip to scrape dirt, hair, and debris off of the bristles better than a standard dustpan can. It’s a small change, but after a long day, you’ll certainly appreciate not having to break your back just to tidy the kitchen.

40. A hanging organizer to store your bags

Purse collectors will love this hanging handbag organizer, an efficient solution for storing bulky bags and keeping them in prime condition. The anti-dust fabric organizer has 10 pockets, held up in your closet by two sturdy stainless steel hooks. Each of the compartments can house bags of various sizes, and the open design makes it easy to see every bag in your collection at once.

41. A freestanding toilet paper holder with extra storage

With this toilet paper holder stand locked and loaded, you’ll never find yourself stranded on your porcelain throne again. It holds one in-use roll of TP, with enough storage space on the bottom for three more. There’s even a shelf on the top of this freestanding holder for your phone, disposable wipes, or other small items. There’s no installation required, and you can choose between bronze or sparkling grey to match your surroundings.

42. A floating shelf trio with 33,000 five-star reviews

The mixed materials of these floating wall-mounted shelves create an industrial look that’s perfect for showing off small collectibles, cosmetics, plants, and so much more. The set of three can hold up to 40 pounds apiece, and they make great additions to any room whether they’re arranged together or separately. These are an Amazon shopper favorite with over 45,000 reviews and 4.5-star rating overall.

43. A wheeled storage cart that you’ll want for every room

This three-tier rolling utility cart is soon-to-be the most versatile storage element in your home, with a 200 pound capacity and an optional cover for the top tier. It’s waterproof, easy to assemble, and made from high-quality materials that can withstand heavy usage. Use it for practically anything in your kitchen, bathroom, office, basement, and more — even if you move or change its location in your home, you’re sure to find a use for it.

44. A rotating makeup organizer for a luxurious vanity

Give your vanity or bathroom counter the VIP treatment it deserves: This rotating makeup organizer. With seven adjustable layers, there’s more than enough space to house your entire makeup, skincare, or fragrance collection. It spins in a complete circle, making it easy to find exactly the product you’re looking for, and raised safety tabs make sure your products aren’t at risk of falling as it spins.

45. These LED strip lights that make a huge impact

Decorate as the Gen Z’ers do: With colorful LED strip lights. These remote-controlled multi-colored lights have complete customization abilities. You choose the exact color(s) you want to set the mood, as well as the brightness, speed, light effect, and more. They’re flexible and easy to install on any dry, clean surface, and even easier to use.

It’s the small details that really make your home yours. Sure, we all need a couch, a dining room table, and a bed — but it’s really the little things that make your home attractive and livable. Here’s an example: I moved in with two roommates a few months ago, and we quickly discovered that…

It’s the small details that really make your home yours. Sure, we all need a couch, a dining room table, and a bed — but it’s really the little things that make your home attractive and livable. Here’s an example: I moved in with two roommates a few months ago, and we quickly discovered that…