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Guess what? In the last two years we have endlessly been on “square-one” with this virus. And after two years two facts are on the table for Americans to choose from:

1. Those folks running the COVID train are asinine idiots who are just heartbeats away from announcing, “Brawndo’s got what plants crave. It’s got electrolytes.” (And that’s in reference to the inane vaccines that are coming up below the ‘short’ level while refusing to treat the COVID infected with ‘out of the box’ therapeutics)

2. All these same people are involved, directly or indirectly, in lying and burying the truth(s) about what has been going on and how it’s deliberately being mishandled.

Great choices, huh? But at this point it’s damn time to say it out loud.

The powers that be behind all of this are now saying stuff that we said over these last two years but were called idiot conspiracy science deniers for saying. And they are also now admitting we’ll have to just learn to live with this virus. Well, DUHHHHH! Can’t do that if you insist we cannot decide what goes in our own bodies and when, especially to combat our COVID infections. As I pointed out yesterday, one of the only ways old Biden Brandon can even attempt to crawl back into decent poll ratings is to publicly announce the therapeutics (his side has demonized and thrown roadblocks between us and the drugs) are now to be open and encouraged to the nation’s doctors and their patients. It is damn time to let in those brave doctors who spoke out over the last two years but were silenced and canceled…

Houston Keene, Andrew Murray: INSIDE FAUCI’S CHART – Highest-paid federal employee’s financial records fully uncovered — thanks to senator he called ‘moron’: Senator publishes Fauci’s unredacted financial disclosures, accuses him of being misleading

While Fauci’s financial disclosure documents can be requested from the National Institute of Health, they aren’t listed in the same searchable database as many other federal officials…

“Just like he has misled the American people about sending taxpayers dollars to Wuhan, China, to fund gain-of-function research, about masks, testing, and more, Dr. Fauci was completely dishonest about his financial disclosures being open to the public — it’s no wonder he is the least trusted bureaucrat in America,” Marshall continued.

“At the end of the day, Dr. Fauci must be held accountable to all Americans who have been suing and requesting for this information but don’t have the power of a Senate office to ask for it,” the Kansas Republican said, adding that for “these reasons” he is planning on “introducing the FAUCI Act so financial disclosures like these are made public and are easily accessible online to every American.”…

While Fauci’s financial disclosures are technically open to any member of the public who requests them, the records are not listed in an easily-accessible public database, and it can take months for a request to be fulfilled.

The Center for Public Integrity submitted a request for Fauci’s financial disclosures with the NIH in May 2020, but did not receive the information until August of that year. When the organization did receive it, it was produced under the Freedom of Information Act and came back partially redacted.

The NIH is currently being sued for the production of Fauci’s financial records by watchdog organization OpenTheBooks.org…

Note: Not ‘partly redacted’. A heck of a lot of the documents were heavily redacted.

And will the Biden administration and Dr. Death be asked about this new federal government tactic that obviously points to “the midterm elections are coming and the dems can’t run on their COVID record”

Lawrence Meyers: Lies, Damn Lies, Omicron—and What Comes Next

The lies emanating from policymakers and the media at the beginning of the Covid-19 fiasco were of the lesser variety. Politicians simply didn’t know what they were talking about. Now, however, these have become the most insidious form of damn lies in modern American history. They have done incalculable harm…

Matt Taibbi: Vaccine Aristocrats Strike Again: As yokel-bashing reaches impressive new heights, reports of yet another year of record profits and a widening wealth gap go unnoticed

The spectacle of posh celebs sneering at hicks who won’t take the jab has been compelling theater for a while now, especially since the smartypants act has often come packaged in outrageous errors…

While the shame campaign has been a catastrophe as public health strategy, it has been effective as aristocratic misdirection, a way to keep the public’s eyes off the vault. Maybe that’s what it’s for.

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

THE SPREAD OF NEUROTIC COVID-PARANOIA: “Every time Emma Dalton sets foot in a shop, supermarket or cafe, she reaches into her handbag and pulls out her portable carbon dioxide monitor. The $350 device allows her to quickly detect how much fresh air is circulating in her surrounds— information that helps protect her against COVID-19.”

“Ice Age” scene between Manny & the Dodo:

Leader Dodo: “This is our private stockpile for the Ice Age! Sub arctic temperatures will force us underground for a billion, billion years!”

Manny: (dumbfounded) “So you got 3 melons?”

See if that sorta-kinda sounds like FNC’s ace reporter Peter Doocy vs this FEMA official…

Twitchy: FEMA official short-circuits when Peter Doocy asks her a very simple question about distributing N95 and K95 masks to Americans

Good gawd, these are not our “top people” running things in our country. They are indeed total dodos.

Save Your Own Collective Dark Souls, Lefties:

Stephen Green: 2022 Will Break Joe Biden

Biden wasted the public’s patience on a bill they don’t want instead of attending to our real concerns like inflation and supply-chain disruptions. As a result, Biden’s personal popularity tumbled, robbing him of the clout he needed to sway reluctant Democrat senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin…

Indeed. Our constitutional system is designed to prevent big changes without fat majorities. The reason, our Founders understood and explained, is that big changes foisted by slender and short-lived majorities on a country as large as ours could destroy it.

Undaunted by political reality, Biden and his coterie of hardcore leftists decided to affect radical changes without having even a Senate majority. It might be the biggest — not to mention the fastest — presidential self-own in this century. Biden’s epic failures are the albatross he hung around his own neck…

Michael Walsh: ‘A Battle for the Soul of America’

Even a blind pig, as the saying goes, can find a truffle once in a while. And when the porker in question is the Biden administration, including the president himself, any sign of acuity or even sentience is welcome. During last week’s orgy of Democrat schadenfreude over the first anniversary of the Jan. 6 “insurrection” of unarmed Americans wandering through the hall of the Capitol and taking selfies – when not being murdered by trigger-happy policemen – Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., delivered himself of this remark: “I’ve said it many times… we are in a battle for the soul of America.”

Well, it’s true – he has said it many times, especially near the end of the campaign in 2020. The phrase has been a staple of the Democrats’ repertoire of cliches, right up there with “good-paying jobs,” “build back better,” and promises to “shut down” Covid-19. And it’s also true that we are, indeed, a battle for the soul of America – although references to “soul” are pretty funny coming from the party of slavery, segregation, secularism, and sedition…

John Lucas: The Biden Administration Isn’t Even Hiding Its Designation Of Mainstream Americans As ‘Domestic Terrorists’: The real danger to our republic is the Joe Biden administration’s totalitarian effort to label millions of ordinary Americans as supporters of terrorists.

This is an intentional strategy with a malevolent purpose: Former President Trump and his supporters must be utterly destroyed. Make no mistake about it: Democrats’ goal is the total destruction of former President Trump, any GOP politician who questions either the way the 2020 elections were conducted or the tactics being employed by the House January 6 committee, and anyone who supported Trump.

No quarter is to be given to Republicans unless, like Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, they fully support the Democrat war on anyone suspected of being insufficiently opposed to the former president who has questions about the propriety of the 2020 election, or even who just opposes the lawless tactics being used against Trump’s supporters.

If the Democrats and their media allies succeed in defining their terrain and enemies as an insurrection supported by terrorists who, in Joe Biden’s words, want to “subvert the Constitution,” then the full force of the federal government can be brought to bear against them. This will include ordinary American citizens whose only “crime” has been to support Trump or raise questions about the propriety of Biden’s election, or, as we have seen, those who just oppose the Democrats’ pet projects, such as the indoctrination of school children with racists philosophy, by showing up and protesting at school board meetings…

Why the demo-commies do not want you watching the sausage being made in DC…

Robert Zimmerman: House Democrats attempt end-around of filibuster to pass election law using NASA bill

A bill initially written to give authorization to NASA lease its property to others and and passed by the Senate has been stripped entirely of that language by House Democrats and replaced with their proposal to federalize elections nationwide.

H.R. 5746 was introduced in October by Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.), chair of the House Science Committee’s space subcommittee. The bill extended NASA’s authorization to enter into what are known as enhanced use leases, or EULs, of agency property to companies, government agencies, or educational institutions, for 10 years. The House passed the bill by a voice vote Dec. 8.

The Senate amended the bill, extending the EUL authorization by only three months instead of 10 years, and passed it by unanimous consent, sending it back to the House.

The Democratic leadership of the House, in an unusual move, then took the Senate-amended bill and stripped out the NASA provisions, replacing it with the text of two voting rights bills and now called the “Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act.” They did so because H.R. 5746 had already passed the House and Senate, so the amended version could go directly to the Senate floor without the threat of a filibuster from Senate Republicans, who oppose the voting rights legislation. [emphasis mine]

The level of corruption exhibited by this Democratic Party action is beyond words. The Senate approved one bill. The House Democrats have now turned it into another bill that the Senate did not vote on initially.

In the past, such a corrupt action by the House would never have been attempted because the House would have known that the entire Senate would have rejected this tactic immediately as an insult to its legislative rights. Today however the Democrats care nothing for legalities or law or legislative rights. All they care about is power, and they are willing to do anything to get it…

Wolf Howling: The Democrats Are Attempting A Coup By Lawfare

One way to conduct a coup is to control who can run for elected office. Examples of this abound in autocracies and police states, with the most recent being China’s coup in Hong Kong. America’s progressive left is attempting the same in this country, by targeting popular Republicans to make them ineligible for election…

The progressive left is going all out to paint conservatives as “domestic terrorists” and to claim that the January 6 riot—a riot of a few hours by people with no weapons and carried out virtually without violence (and that may have been part of an FBI entrapment scheme)—is tantamount to our Civil War of 1861-1865. This is so far beyond ludicrous it is stunning. Yet progressives fully embrace this tactic as their only hope to stop a popular vote that promises to be a wave election in 2022 and an Electoral College vote that might return Trump to power in 2024…

This attempted coup by lawfare is not aimed merely at Republican congresspeople. It is very much aimed at Donald Trump and the presidency as well…


Ann Althouse: “He’s so lost in the snows of yesteryear that he is continuing his Amtrak Joe nearly-every-weekend commute to Delaware, albeit with better wheels, trading in the train for Marine One.”

Margot Cleveland: The Supreme Court’s Ruling On Vaccine Mandates Is Frighteningly Weak: Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh both acquiesced in the Biden Department of Health and Human Services’ power grab.

Mark Brnovich: Supreme Court saves Americans from Biden COVID vaccine mandate—but the fight is not over: Government doesn’t get to be your nanny, and it shouldn’t get to be your doctor

Kaylee Zemple: 9 Times Sen. Ron Johnson Triggered The Left — And Turned Out To Be Right: While media love to attack Ron Johnson for opinions that don’t conform to the left-wing narrative, those opinions are often exactly right. … Thankfully, Sen. Ron Johnson had planned to retire but instead has decided to run for re-election.

Victoria Taft: Nick Searcy Blows the Lid Off the Jan 6. Narrative With ‘Capitol Punishment’

Dr. Marc Siegel: What I tell patients who get Omicron despite three vax shotsThe obsession with testing and isolation is counterproductive not only because we lack readily available home tests, but also because the virus is now almost everywhere

VIDEO: ‘Outnumbered’ knocks Jon Stewart for calling the national anthem at sporting events a ‘weird ritual’: The ‘Outnumbered’ panel reacts to Jon Stewart’s comments on standing for the national anthem during sports games


You think one of the MSM lickspittle reporters that follow around Biden’s administration can possibly bring this up with old Joe’s Transportation Secretary Peter Piper Buttigieg because this literally is in his ‘wheelhouse’ job description … or is he on double-secret maternity leave again from the Biden animal house?

DM: Looters ransack trains at downtown LA sorting depot and leave COVID tests and pharmaceutical drugs littered along the tracks

Twitchy: Must-see videos detail the underreported problem of package theft from trains (and the BS response from the DA’s office)

Oh, and all the garbage on the ground is only from the past 30 days…

From the Files of Oddballs:

Big tech has some real dolts working in it…

A Facebook pal, writer Christopher Buckley, shared the Twitter thread roll link of user Hazard Harrington, and it well-worth the read:

I work in Big Tech. A name you would know and have probably used before.

Wanted to give a rundown of what it’s like from the inside right now.
Obviously insanely radically leftwing. BLM/LGBTQ. Trans flags hanging in office. Pronouns stated before meetings. Special affiliation groups for everyone but white men. All what you’d expect.
But COVID/WFH has totally broken people.

They are fundamentally weak, often with no social support outside of work.

They’re the people with no children, no spouse. Only a dog or cat for emotional support.

There’s constant talk, even now, about how hard things are for everyone. Often meetings start with going around the room to ask “How is everyone feeling?”

Literally everyone else went on sad rants about their lives. “I’m so MAD a white supremacist shot 3 black men in Kenosha!”
It’s toxic. When it got to me, I said “Good.” and then a (((lady engineer))) literally proposed that we should not be allowed to answer the question positively. I shit you not.

I think it hurt her that I wasn’t as miserable as her…

Brooke Kato: Woman gets revenge pouring glitter on ex’s things: ‘It’ll be haunting him for years’ … Well, I’ll give her points for originality.

Classic Oddball BONUS:

Some SPACE and Sci-Fi Stuff:

On my Walmart run Thursday I was surprised to see the movie “DUNE” (2021) is now on video, so, I grabbed a copy. One version of the packaging had the disks in a plastic box that was supposed to resemble the “put your hand in the box” test the Reverend Mother gave Paul. That offering was a few dollars more than the set I bought. Now then, had the box really worked, well, that would’ve been an investment. Anyhow, “DUNE” director Denis Villeneuve has said there will not be a director’s cut version of this first movie, but I’m not believing him. I ponder after the “DUNE” franchise is finished a complete box set will have director’s cut versions on all movies just like they did with “Lord of The Rings” and the “ALIEN” box sets. Meanwhile, some deleted scenes that most fans of the current movie said they would eagerly sit through the added time were they in the theatrical released movie…

Aaron Reich: Large asteroid stronger than nuke heading towards Earth late January


Amazing satellite photo…

FNC: Massive volcano eruption recorded from space, triggers west coast tsunami warning: Weather experts predict waves as tall as 3 feet could hit along the coast


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

Posted by Maggie on January 15, 2022 in From the editors Guess what? In the last two years we have endlessly been on “square-one” with this virus. And after two years two facts are on the table for Americans to choose from: 1. Those folks running the COVID train are asinine idiots who are just heartbeats away from announcing, “Brawndo’s got what…

Posted by Maggie on January 15, 2022 in From the editors Guess what? In the last two years we have endlessly been on “square-one” with this virus. And after two years two facts are on the table for Americans to choose from: 1. Those folks running the COVID train are asinine idiots who are just heartbeats away from announcing, “Brawndo’s got what…