Thursday Newsfeed: 299 Days, and Counting, Until the 2022 Midterm Election(s)

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Better stock-up on popcorn before that shelf gets Biden-bare.
The midterm election cycle is gonna be quite the show.

When your Constitutional representative republic government turns against the republic in favor of fascistic “democracy”:

Stacey Lennox: Is the DOJ Readying Biden’s Brownshirts to Deal With His Political Opposition?

Megan Fox: The United States Judiciary Is Acting as a Shadow Government and Must Be Stopped

Elle Reynolds: Biden Education Secretary Planting NSBA Letter Takes A Page From Russia Collusion Hoax Playbook: If corrupt federal law enforcement agencies can run a covert smear campaign against a U.S. president, they can do it to you. … What we have been saying for several years now.

And as Americans are seeing and experiencing with the COVID information and vaccine…

Twitchy: ‘It has to stop’: Joe Biden calls on social media companies and media outlets to ‘deal with the misinformation and disinformation’

Brian Flood: DIVIDING AMERICANS – Liberal media, pundits continue to ridicule, shame the unvaccinated despite widespread COVID surge: Dr. Nicole Saphier: ‘Punishing them will lead to a more divided America, furthering the discrimination we are already dealing with’ … Note: This was not done by the same MSM during the height of the AIDS epidemic regarding the safe protocols issued for the gay community and susceptible populations that were basically ignored, and so it spread. Nor did the MSM dare.

Yael Halon: WaPo columnist: It’s time to make life a ‘living hell’ for the unvaccinated: WaPo columnist claims, ‘There is no justifiable excuse for refusing vaccination.’

Chris Queen: Washington Post Op-Ed Advocates Otherizing the Unvaccinated

Nicole Saphier, M.D.: Our heroic health care workers don’t need more COVID mandates: Health care heroes find themselves subjected to policies based on conjecture rather than data

Victor Davis Hanson: Politicizing COVID-19 From the Start: Thousands of Americans have died needlessly because of weaponized disinformation about China’s culpability, vaccines, useful drugs, lockdowns, racial preferences, and long-term care facilities … If/When actually factually honest science and history looks back on this whole thing it will be known just how monstrous this all was mishandled, and mostly intentionally so.

Emma Colton: Washington state refuses help from unvaccinated county workers to clear snow affecting supply chain: The Kittitas County Board of Commissioners said it is ‘extremely disappointed’

I went to my local Walmart today for a few items. I was not able to do a lot of cub-reporting scouting, as my left foot is still restricted to one of those heavy “boots” the podiatrist has me in after taking a nasty Grinchy fall Christmas morning and breaking my foot in the process (in addition to whiplash when I struck my head, and a badly bruised right knee). But I digress… Anyhow, shelves were not stocked to capacity, with many spaces empty, and some of that ‘false-shelving’ going on with the one or two items that were there placed forward to the edge of the shelf to make it look as if there were others lined-up behind them. The pet food aisle was still pretty empty when it came to the canned foods. Bagged dry foods seemed adequate, for now. I said loud enough to my husband so that the others gawking in the empty-ish pat food aisle, “How the Hell are we gonna eat our cats and dogs if we can’t fatten them up?” One guy busted out laughing so hard he had to lean against a shelf.

I forgot to visit the paper products aisle (we really didn’t need anything there because my husband stocked-up a couple of months before the holidays with TP, paper towels, napkins, and tissues), so, not sure how that looked. There were empty shelves in the prepared baked items at the bakery and skimpy to empty sections of the produce section. The meat department was not as bountiful. Prices were up a bit, but I have gotten back in my “Obama era” habit of selecting certain store brand items over name brands to make my $1 go farther. For example, Walmart’s brand of a normal size bottle of ketchup is 98 cents, compared to the name brand that was upwards of 50 cents more. Anyhow, my foot was hurting so I had to go out to the car when hubby was checking out. I about died when he came out with the bags and told me how much we’d spent. It was atleast $50-$60 more than I had expected. Thanks, Brandon!

The Bidenflation Boulder:

In & Out: “there’s no inflation”
In & Out : “it’s just transitory inflation”
In: “inflation is ‘entrenched’ in the economy”

TBT: Remember when old Joe was the other butt cheek of the first Keynesian administration and this lady had a valid question for the head O’Keynesian…

Well, fast forward to today and ask the same woman if she is even able to find beans and hotdogs on the store shelves.

Old Joe and company want Americans to swallow whole their bullshit that the economy is now so fantastic under their policies, and that we plebs have it so great and had better stop complaining…

DC: Biden’s Approval Rating Craters To Shocking New Low, Least Popular Among Hispanics: POLL

Twitchy: Stick a fork in him: It took less than 24 hours for Area Expert™ Tom Nichols to piss off even more working- and middle-class Americans

WSJ Ed Board: What Inflation Costs Workers: The Biden-Powell price increases reduced real wages by 2.4% in 2021.

The Labor Department said Wednesday that the consumer-price index rose 0.5% in December, or 7% in the last year. That’s the highest annual rate since 1982, when Paul Volcker was trying to wring inflation out of the economy with Ronald Reagan’s political support. The current inflation has caught the Federal Reserve and Biden Administration entirely by surprise, and they’re still not sure what to do about it other than to blame someone else.

It’s important to understand what a policy and intellectual failure this inflation represents for the Keynesians who are in charge of current economic policy. The Biden Administration and Federal Reserve flooded the economy with money in 2021 even as the recovery from the Covid recession was long over.

… When critics began to warn of excess monetary growth and price increases, the sages at the Fed and White House dismissed it as “transitory” and said don’t worry, be happy. As late as July President Biden said, “There’s nobody suggesting there’s unchecked inflation on the way—no serious economist.”

The failure is reminiscent of the 1970s, when the Keynesians also ran the economy but had no explanation for the inflation that took off, or for the stagflation that later set in as that awful decade rolled on…

Mr. Biden is still in denial. His statement Wednesday took solace in the 0.5% monthly increase in December since it was down from the previous two months. “Today’s report—which shows a meaningful reduction in headline inflation over last month, with gas prices and food prices falling—demonstrates that we are making progress in slowing the rate of price increases,” he said.

But core prices without food and energy actually increased from the pace of the previous month. And energy prices have begun to rise again after a decline late in 2021…

The price of all this is being paid by middle-class workers, not by the political class. Inflation increases government tax revenue as nominal GDP and corporate profits soar. Many government programs are indexed for inflation, but wage earners lack the same protection. Higher nominal wages move more taxpayers more quickly into higher tax brackets even if their real standard of living declines.

… A wage-price spiral also appears to be setting in, as workers demand more to offset rising prices, and businesses respond in turn by passing along those higher costs in still higher prices. The Biden-Powell inflation is costing average workers dearly.

Phil Gramm and Mike Solon: The Democrats’ Inflation Blame Game: Everyone and everything is responsible except the government spending that’s actually fueling it.

Despite Wednesday’s inflation report indicating that consumer prices have risen by 7% over the past 12 months and accelerated to 9.1% over the past three months, the president and Democrats other than Sen. Joe Manchin remain firmly entrenched in a state of denial. In their telling, this inflation has nothing to do with their spending policy. This is the same argument we heard in the mid-1970s.

When we both began our careers in public service, the U.S. was suffering from the high inflation of the late 1970s. The federal government had squandered a decade in denying that its policies had anything to do with inflation. Politicians made convenient scapegoats out of big oil, big banks, big communications and even big grocers. Government made the problem worse with price controls, investigations into price fixing and anti-trust actions. It embarrassed itself with WIN ( Whip Inflation Now) buttons and Inflation Gardens. Mounting voter outrage finally ended the charade…

Twitchy: Is anybody buying Biden economic adviser’s spin on highest inflation rate in 40 years?

Old Joe ‘The Uniter’ Biden Sage and Power-Grabber:

Personally, while listening to Joe Blow’s completely base-baiting bullshit-loaded speech in Georgia the other day, I was waiting for him to yell his patented “gonna put you all back in chains” flatulence…

Jack Durschlag: McConnell slams Biden, calls Atlanta speech ‘deliberately divisive’

Brendan Cole: Tulsi Gabbard Says Biden Speech Worse Than Clinton’s ‘Deplorables’ Comment

Miranda Devine: A taste of Southern lied in Georgia y’all: The devil went down to Georgia and came back a lame duck…

Matt Margolis: McConnell Destroys Joe Biden on Senate Floor

Twitchy: ‘Nevertheless she persisted’: Kyrsten Sinema unapologetically pounds the final nails into Dems’ nuke-the-filibuster coffin [videos]

Michael Lee: Psaki brushes off McConnell, calls criticisms of Biden’s speech ‘hilarious’: Biden said opponents of election overhaul legislation were in league with Jefferson Davis

Brandon Gillespie: Jen Psaki hammered for dismissing criticism of Biden speech by redirecting to Trump: Romney voted twice to remove Trump from office, despite Psaki’s claims he ‘sat silently’

Twitchy: You know Biden’s Georgia speech jumped the shark when even the Senate’s #2 Democrat is saying he went too far

Houston Keene: Sen. Tom Cotton uses Schumer’s own words in defense of the filibuster on Senate floor: Cotton’s speech comes as Schumer and the majority of the Senate Democrats eye striking the filibuster

Twitchy: Seven different flavors of STUPID: The New Republic dragged BIG TIME for crap piece claiming the filibuster is a racist PLOT against Kamala Harris

Matt Margolis: Democrats Don’t Care About ‘Our Democracy’—They Care About Winning

Timothy H.J. Nerozzi: RNC Chairwoman, Sen. Rick Scott slam Biden ahead of voting rights speech: ‘Federal takeover’: RNC chair said Biden should be in NYC instead to address ‘interference’ in elections

Ace: The NeverTrumpers Who Propagandized for Biden, All the While Supported by Democrat Donors, Now Distance Themselves from the Disaster They Foisted on Us

Dems and MSM are getting the van cleaned and ready for Hillary 2024:

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: ‘Hillary 2024’ Rumors Are Proof Even Dems Can’t Stand Biden

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: Here comes Hillary: The possibility of a Hillary Clinton 2024 presidential run.

VIDEO: Clinton/Cheney 2024? Laura Ingraham gives Democrats their new ‘power ticket.’

VIDEO: Failla on potential Hillary Clinton 2024 run: Haven’t Americans been through enough?

Twitchy: ‘Herpes of politicians’ Hillary Clinton poking her evil head out to quote Barack Obama in push to nuke the filibuster goes SO very wrong


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Posted by Maggie on January 13, 2022 in From the editors Better stock-up on popcorn before that shelf gets Biden-bare.The midterm election cycle is gonna be quite the show. When your Constitutional representative republic government turns against the republic in favor of fascistic “democracy”: Stacey Lennox: Is the DOJ Readying Biden’s Brownshirts to Deal With His Political Opposition? Megan Fox: The United States Judiciary Is…

Posted by Maggie on January 13, 2022 in From the editors Better stock-up on popcorn before that shelf gets Biden-bare.The midterm election cycle is gonna be quite the show. When your Constitutional representative republic government turns against the republic in favor of fascistic “democracy”: Stacey Lennox: Is the DOJ Readying Biden’s Brownshirts to Deal With His Political Opposition? Megan Fox: The United States Judiciary Is…