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We must first stop all automatons following would be tyrants in lockstep.

They shake our nerves and they rattle our brains.

The powers that be who keep telling us what to do about Covid, offer us, in turn, lies, hypocrisy and inconsistency. Yet the masses have no trouble obeying.

If I try to complain on a zoom meeting, that I am sick of people not allowing me my freedom to choose, that my ability to be with my family or to dance is being stolen from me because our leaders keep giving us orders to follow, I am looked at with dismay. “What happened to our cheerful, friendly fellow dancer?” they ask. “When did she lose her mind? Can’t she see how dangerous this is?”

Since the beginning of all of this I have been wondering. Why this time? We have had the Flu with its hundreds of thousands of cases and tens of thousands of deaths every year. We have had famous dangerous virus visitations with similar numbers before. Why this time is everything different?

Never, since I have been doing contra and English Country dancing, has one session been canceled because of a virus. Why now? Never have they closed schools and forced children to do at home learning. Never have I experienced businesses being closed down – selectively. Those closed down are called non-essential. How are they choosing which ones to call nonessential? I wondered about that, too.

Why this time? I kept asking and finding no answer. Those in power kept telling us the same things.

Be careful. Don’t go out. Wash your hands. Wear a mask in public especially in crowds.

And I have watched as lovely people turned into fanatic mini tyrants because they felt obliged to carry out the orders of inconsistent and hypocritical tyrants who mandated things the way dictators do.

In America this is happening!

I don’t recognize this. And I hate it. But so many are fine with it. And I hate that, too.

On reflection, though, we got some good out of all this.

Parents able now to eavesdrop on what was being learned in zoomed classes at home, discovered the kind of lessons their children had been getting, pre Covid, without their knowledge or consent. How stunned so many were to see that children were being taught racism, explicit sex education and other such lovely things. And parents began going to school board meetings and making noise about their displeasure. Would parents have remained unaware and not stopped these bad policies if at home learning had not happened?

The worst and most destructive idea was shutting down the economy. It caused horrors that rivaled the horrors of the virus itself. but while many chose suicide and many developed depression when they lost their life savings and businesses under the indifference of the uncaring government, others developed new businesses in this wonderful country where if you have ingenuity, you can survive in creative ways. Restaurants developed a big take our business to make up for lost in house dining.

So much disruption. People asked was all this necessary? And many decided – no.

Therefore, best of all, though it took too long to happen, lots of people who were lifetime liberals began questioning their political loyalties and American leftists of all kinds surprised themselves as they moved over to the right.

What is it they call a conservative? A liberal mugged by reality.

The way the left bungled the handling of this virus has been unconscionable and destructive to the max. (And by the way, I will NOT criticize how Trump handled things. I could write a book about the brilliant and amazing things Trump did to help Americans through this while he had the chance.)

But I return to my big question. Why did they do things differently now?

I needed the perspective of some time before I figured out the answer.

For the left, it was all about two things.

One involved following the money.

China has been corrupting our country, stealing our secrets, trying to gain power over us, and now infecting us and our allies to weaken China’s enemies.

Under the radar unusual things. Information was suppressed about inexpensive readily available medicines that could save people’s lives. What is that about? Why didn’t liberals want Americans to know about inexpensive therapeutics and antibody treatments. Only vaccines were pushed. (Hint – follow the money.)

But the real reason things happened in a new way was this time the left was intent on finally fulfilling their plan to consolidate control over the country using lies and fear. But if their goal of bringing America down, and opening the way for the left to become tyrants was to succeed, they had to prepare well in advance..

Help came from CNN and company who gave viewers heavy doses of nightmare stories, and 24/7, the left media terrified those who followed their reporting about Covid. Fear makes people easier to dominate.

When allowed finally to return to school in person, children were forced to wear masks, and distance themselves, and in some cases have plastic separations so they were isolated. from everyone else – the kinds of things that exacerbate fear and paranoia. Education was dumbed down. Deviation was taught and the three R’s were set aside. Get the children and you get the country.

Once Covid was sent here by China, perhaps with the collusion of people in the Deep State and leftists in our government, an idea clicked for the left. All of those who wanted to bring down conservatives and destroy America so they could gain control forever, thought of that slogan “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

By 2020 they saw Trump gaining in popularity. This must not be allowed to stand. They were determined. This time it had to be a full out assault. Socialism was to replace capitalism. Reliance on big government was to replace rugged individualism. Criticizing everything Trump did was part of undermining and redefining The Trump era. A lot of it worked.

They used Covid to carry out this takeover of America and “fundamentally change her.” They planned how they would change election law. (I have discussed that in other columns.) They would spend so much money they would destroy our currency, and put in place legislation that would fund the destructive and phony Green New Deal. They would destroy our energy program. They would, once in power, open the borders and flood the country with illegals. (In future if that worked well, they would send them all over America and then give them the right to vote. But first things first. First they had to get back in power.

They worked quickly in coordination with allies.

Their campaign of blaming everything on Trump in his handling of the virus was on the march. If Trump stopped air travel from places that could bring us more who could infect Americans with the disease, Trump was a racist, and a bigot about other countries. (Today if Biden does exactly the same thing … well, do I have to finish that sentence?)

Within just a few weeks, by the spring of 2020 their campaign of lionizing those who did everything wrong and giving Trump no credit for so many of his miraculous achievements was well underway. By March fear of Covid was so widespread that my contra and English had been cancelled, and everything has been downhill ever since.

So quickly they accomplished spreading so much misinformation. And the rest is history.

And THAT is why this time it was different. They planned first to get rid of Trump and get their own people into the White House. They weren’t as worried about the Congress because polling assured them that there was to be a rout and the Democrats were going to carry both houses in a huge sweep. Much to their surprise, that didn’t happen and they almost lost the Senate and it was a much closer in the House than they expected, too. But they demonized events of January 6th and they won the White House. There were many Americans who thought there would be a return to calm and civility and moderation and all would be well.

The shenanigans of the left gave us THEIR happy result and our devastatingly bad one, and the country now has had to suffer the Biden/Harris catastrophe.

It took only a few weeks for most Americans to find out uh oh.

Recently, after The Biden administration had screwed up everything in sight, Ben Shapiro noted that we must abandon the worship of government and return to reality. But he warned that Biden and Democrats would fight such blasphemy with every weapon in their arsenal.

Herewith a weapon WE can use. I offer some conjecture about today and how we might foil the overconfident left in their plans.

For years now I keep asking, are we not the best country in the world? Why are we so vulnerable all the time? Don’t we deserve better?

Can good triumph over evil? Shouldn’t it?

Where is the thing that is going to save us from all of this evil I kept asking … should the lies and manipulations of the left keep being rewarded?

Well, here is our answer at last. Perhaps somewhere there IS a divine providence waiting to help the righteous. And I don’t feel wrong to call us that. The left always lords it over us as if they are holier than thou.

For example, the left insults Trump as unworthy of respect and certainly unelectable because he continues the “lie” that the 2020 election was stolen. But they find no fault at all with Hillary who has since 2016 never ceased saying the very same thing and was seen just weeks ago still crying over her lie. So no, I don’t feel wrong to call us the righteous in the face of those who have so much selective indignation, and who excuse themselves at every turn.

Here is our answer.

There is no way to herd immunity with vaccines.

Funnily enough there are videos available all over from a year or so ago of Biden and Fauci and so many others asserting that if everybody got the vaccine, no one could then catch the virus after that and no one could give it to anyone else. And we could have herd immunity. There is a hilarious video of Rachel Maddow confidently saying just this. (She is always wrong and never apologizes and no one expects her to. But why do so many trust her since she is always wrong?)

By now we all know that you can give the virus to anyone even if you had two shots and a booster. And you can get the virus more than once even with all of these vaccinations. So, there is NO way to herd immunity with vaccines.

But the Omicron variant has shown up. This one is massively contagious and is spreading like wildfire.

Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Fire. Look out. It’s coming to get everyone!

BUT, this one is a mild variant and doesn’t make people very sick. And it has a very low death rate if someone catches it. We have history already to know that it swept through one country and in just a few weeks already is on the downslide. And now they have records of very few deaths from this variant.

So, everybody, take off your masks, risk catching it, go to your dances, enjoy your football games and crowds. Let’s live again. Lots of people will get the virus. We will finally have our own natural antibodies and the virus will go looking for hosts and not be able to find them and will die off. Herd immunity will end the virus’s hold on us and we will be able to live free again.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Of course, the left will be defeated in being able to use this to tyrannize us. But that is merely another thing to be thankful for.

Then they will have to resort to that boring Green New Deal and stuff like that to try to work their tyranny over us. But that isn’t as glamorous and only the most cultish American will follow in lockstep with that because he’d have to give up too much. It will be curses, foiled again for those who want to bring this country down.

Of course, there will be one downside. Biden will take credit for “knowing all along HIS plan would work.” Hmmm. How will we get to discredit him on that?

Well, let’s get to herd immunity and then we can worry about that.

But it shouldn’t be too much of a problem because there are so many catastrophes caused by Biden and his handlers, we will still have plenty to blame Democrats for come November.

We’ll shake their nerves and we’ll rattle their brain.

We’ll win the vote and we’ll drive them insane.

~~Many thanks to The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

Posted by Honey on January 5, 2022 in Apocalypse now, Coronavirus, Election 2020, The Aftermath We must first stop all automatons following would be tyrants in lockstep. They shake our nerves and they rattle our brains. The powers that be who keep telling us what to do about Covid, offer us, in turn, lies, hypocrisy and inconsistency. Yet the masses have no trouble obeying.…

Posted by Honey on January 5, 2022 in Apocalypse now, Coronavirus, Election 2020, The Aftermath We must first stop all automatons following would be tyrants in lockstep. They shake our nerves and they rattle our brains. The powers that be who keep telling us what to do about Covid, offer us, in turn, lies, hypocrisy and inconsistency. Yet the masses have no trouble obeying.…