Amazon keeps selling out of these 45 totally genius things under $20 for your home

Popularity has a downside. It can often mean that the thing you’ve just heard about and must have is sold out — curses! Especially when there are problems with the supply chain, people are panic buying, and online shopping has become everyone’s go-to, the danger of sellouts is high. That’s why Amazon keeps selling out of these 45 totally genius things under $20 for your home. But they are in stock — at least for now — and you probably need some.

The incredible insulated champagne glasses here, for example, are perfect for any season. They are beautiful, affordable, and keep your champagne cold to the last sip. And this bacon cooker that makes perfect, grease-free bacon in minutes in the microwave is a must-have, so you can have excellent bacon without the mess. But do not miss this popcorn popper that makes creating your own popcorn snacks easier than using those microwavable bags.

I know you’ll find something here you want. The only challenge is to snag it before it’s gone again.

1. This handsome toaster for fast & easy breakfasts

Set this good-looking appliance down on your counter and dial up the toast color you prefer. It has wide slots to accommodate bagels and plenty of power to toast them, even frozen. The one-push operation is easy enough for a child and the toast pops up so you can grab it without getting burned.

2. These atypical, insulated glass champagne flutes

When you sip your bubbly in these double-wall insulated, hand-blown, borosilicate glass champagne flutes, it will stay chilled to the very last sip. It will also look gorgeous floating in the glass-within-glass of this unique design. They are dishwasher safe, too.

3. A set of 2 metal straws with a wood carrying tube

Slip this slender wooden tube into your everyday bag and solve the problem of plastic (and melty paper) straws completely. The wooden case holds two stainless steel straws as well as the cleaning brush so you can even wash your straws on the go. Keep one at home and take one on the go.

4. The slick & effortless way to open a beer

Just push down on this beer opener and it does all the work of removing the cap, without bending it. It’s easy on joints if you suffer from hand and wrist pain, and allows you to pop open a party’s worth of beers with aplomb. Also, should you be a cap-collecting sort, this keep them nice.

5. This weird tool for giving yourself a massage

When your muscles hurt and no one is at the ready with massage oils and a willing hand, pull out this massage cane and do it yourself. The long arm lets you get to all the hard-to-reach spots on your back. Rounded balls on one end and an egg-shaped one on the other let you dig in as deeply as you can stand to work out tensions and knots.

6. The genius bacon cooker that goes in the microwave

Microwaved bacon is shockingly good and so easy. And, with this brilliant bacon-cooking tray, it’s easy to make lots of it. Just hang bacon strips on the arms, cover with a paper towel, and microwave for one minute per slice. The fat falls to the tray below, leaving your bacon lean and not greasy.

7. A table lamp made of pink Himalayan salt

This dimmable lamp has a 15-watt bulb inside a shell of Himalayan pink salt, and it casts a pleasantly warm glow that ranges from pink to orange. It’s set on a wooden base and reviewers love it, the glow it casts, and the negative ions it ostensibly releases into the air. It’s like having a tiny salt cave in your home.

8. The 1 bar that washes your body, hair & beard

Taking care of skin, hair, and beard just got a lot easier, especially if you’re traveling. This one lavender- and patchouli- scented bar does it all, and is rich in organic coconut oil and shea butter so your hair is conditioned and your skin moisturized in the process. According to one of the over 2,000 five-star reviews, it “smells great, exfoliates great, cleans great, and leaves a lingering scent in the shower that makes you want to take another.”

9. This nifty glass tea mug with its own infuser

Brew everything from loose tea to flower tea to teabags in this tea mug with a custom-fit infuser. The clear borosilicate glass lets you see your tea as it steeps, and can withstand high temperatures. It holds 14 ounces and is perfect for anyone who’s got a fresh tea habit.

10. The beer foamer that makes bottled beer taste like draft

Set your pint down on this clever beer aerator — with a film of water on the tray — and hit the button. The carefully calibrated sonic waves cause a head of foam to form on the top that originates at the bottom of the glass. The results? “Amazing!” says one reviewer. “My husband loves it! Best buy of 2021.” Science and imbibing never tasted so good.

11. A handy stand for charging your Apple watch

Install your Apple watch charger into this charming silicone stand and it makes the nightly charging ritual much easier. It turns your watch into an easily-visible little clock while it juices up. It comes in nine colors, has a channel for the cord, and stays where you put it.

12. This moldable glue you can use to fix anything

This weird moldable glue comes out of the sealed package soft and malleable so you can shape it into whatever form you need, stick it to whatever you are trying to fix, or create whatever you have in mind. After about 30 minutes, it hardens to that shape. And in a day, it is permanent, heatproof, waterproof, and cold resilient.

13. A folding keyboard that’s small & portable

When that email you started turns into a tome and you grow tired of typing on the screen, pull out this folding keyboard and work smarter. It snaps closed magnetically and turns on automatically when you open it. It works with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, or computer, and is a full QWERTY keyboard.

14. This beard-shaving template for perfect lines

When you want to instill slick lines into your beard, sideburns, or haircut, you need this shaping and styling tool. It does straight lines, difficult curves, and has built-in handles and combs so you can get both sides even, cut straight lines in places where you can’t see, and skip the barber.

15. The nubby balls that dry your clothes faster

Toss these four nubby balls into the dryer with your laundry and let them spin with your clothes. They plump and separate the fabrics as they dry, which lets the hot air circulate more — decreasing drying time and softening your clothes. You’ll save money on dryer sheets, keep chemicals out of the water, and reduce your energy usage.

16. This neck fan so you can stay cool, hands-free

When your environment is hot, don this rechargeable neck fan and tap the button to get precisely the breeze you need, delivered right to your face. The arms adjust so you can position the two fans where you want them and there are three speeds. It comes in four colors.

17. A woodsy-scented candle that sets a cozy mood

Maybe you don’t have the time or materials to light a fire in the fireplace, but it’s easy to light this three-ounce soy candle that’s infused with the aromatic scent of cedar and balsam. The Minnesota-made candle burns cleanly for 20 hours, fills your home with a woodsy smell, and comes packaged in a decorative and wintery tin.

18. This double-sided finger & hand massager

If your hands hurt from long hours at a keyboard, arthritis, or overuse, this dual-sized hand massager lets you apply relief anytime. You can roll your fingers between the pincer rollers or apply the single roller to your palm, wrist, or the back of your hands. It relaxes muscles and relieves stiffness.

19. A 4-pack of helpful coasters for your car

Drop these four coasters — in two sizes — into the cup holders of your vehicle to keep that mess-attracting area clean. There’s a tab that makes removing the coaster easy, and they can go into the dishwasher for a quick and easy cleanup. They make tidying the car so much easier and won’t stick to your cups.

20. This desk ornament that keeps your glasses handy

Set this nose-shaped statuette down on your desk for a bit of whimsical decor. It looks great on its own but will really make you smile once you set your glasses on its nose. And, importantly, then you’ll always know where to find said glasses. A slot in the back holds the arms of your specs firmly so they don’t slide.

21. These reusable produce bags so you can stop using plastic

Tuck these nine reusable, mesh produce bags into your shopping kit and you can skip the annoying, bad-for-the-planet plastic bags in the produce section. You can store produce in them in the fridge — the mesh allows fruit and vegetables to get air so they don’t rot inside plastic. And they are transparent so the grocery scanner can see scan the codes right through them.

22. A terrific set of fine-point colored pens

This set of pens is so much better than it should be for the price. The tips are thin and fine, the ink flows beautifully yet doesn’t bleed through paper, and the colors are rich and varied. They are so good — and affordable — that almost 60,000 people give them five stars.

23. This ultra-soft fleece blanket for a comfier couch

Dress up a chair, warm up the couch, or add a soft (and separate) place for the pet to sleep on your bed with this deliciously soft and cozy fleece throw blanket. It comes in 14 colors, is machine washable, and gets over 85,000 five-star reviews.

24. The simple pour-over brewer that makes great coffee

This simple, elegant pour-over coffee maker makes a fantastic cup of coffee and brings a moment of ritual to your mornings. The permanent, stainless steel mesh filter fits perfectly in the cone of the top so you never have to buy paper filters, the cork around the neck protects hands from the heat when pouring a cup, and you the carafe can go right in the dishwasher.

25. A set of reusable storage bags that look like Mason jars.

Why not pack your snacks, sandwiches, and cookies in these whimsical, reusable, BPA-free ziplock bags that look like Mason jars? They’re cuter than plastic bags, and much better for the planet. This set has 12 bags in four sizes. Reviewers like them for portion control, and even (adorable) space-saving spice storage.

26. This card game that asks all the loaded questions

When the adults are looking for some game-night fun, Loaded Questions is a terrific option because it asks at times rousing, and at times thought-provoking questions — and your players answer them. It gets the conversation and laughter started, and keeps it going, without any complex rules or jokes that fall flat. Reviewers give it 4.5 stars, while acknowledging it is, indeed, for adults.

27. The coloring book you need right now

When your family, your job, or the cat are making you lose it, this coloring book is the irreverent break you need to help you let it all go. You can focus instead on creating a beautiful picture with crayons, colored pencils, or your favorite pens. There are cuss words and attitude, though, so maybe don’t gift it to your sister’s kids.

28. These sophisticated jars for your favorite condiments

Is there a condiment that you always need on the table? Are there three of them? Chili oil? Salt? Sugar? Honey? These three handsome jars with sealing bamboo lids, spoons, and a clever and easy-to-carry rack will make keeping those on hand fun and attractive. Restaurant-like in quality, they’ll level up your next dinner party, too.

29. The toilet bowl night light that makes bathroom trips better

Turn your toilet into an otherworldly source of light so you can easily stumble toward it when you get up in the night. This clip-on night light lets you choose a color — or cycle through all the colors — for a toilet bowl party. It only comes on when it senses motion, and turns off a few minutes later. The light is mild and soothing, avoiding that dreaded nighttime bathroom light-blindness. The clip-on arm is flexible and fits any bowl.

30. A pizza cutter that looks like a bicycle

When your hands ride this bike across a pizza, the sharp spinning blades that are the wheels cut the pie into slices. Plus? It’s just incredibly fun to look at. It has a matching bike stand that holds the rear wheel so you can keep it on the counter where everyone can see it. It works well, is easy to clean, made of stainless steel, and comes in four colors.

31. This set of apothecary jars to upgrade bathroom storage

This set of two apothecary jars with brass lids sits on a matching brass tray, and is the perfect place to store cotton balls, hair clips, or whatever sundries tend to clutter up the bathroom vanity. The jars sit neatly in the tray so you can move them easily to clean, or you can use the tray on its own to hold small items like watches or earrings.

32. These pockets for your bed or couch

Tuck the anchor of this storage organizer under the mattress on your bed, the cushions on the couch, or even something heavy on a table to instantly add pockets to that piece of furniture. The three mesh pockets hold everything you like to keep handy — glasses, phone, pens, lotion — and a larger back pocket is a great place for a tablet or magazine.

33. This Roku media player so you can stream anything

Plug this Roku Express into the HDMI port on any TV and instantly add a nearly limitless quantity of viewing material from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon, and many more. It’s super easy to install and set up and you can control it with your voice using Alexa, Siri, or Hey Google.

34. A big box of pet poo bags so you never run out

These pet pickup bags are not only excellent — thick, roomy, made from recycled materials, odor-blocking, and easy to get off the roll — but there are lots of them so you will never be that dog walker without a bag. There are 18 pocket-sized rolls, each with 15, for a total of 270 bags.

35. This squishy gel that cleans crevices

Put down the cotton swabs. This squishy, lavender-scented cleaning gel is not only a much faster and easier method for cleaning hard-to-reach crevices in your car, keyboard, or kitchen — it’s just more fun. In fact, it’s like playing with Play-Doh but with a tidy end goal. Just squish it into the crevices and pull it out. It absorbs all the dirt and dust and removes it.

36. The chicken & waffle dog treats your pup wants

Everyone loves chicken and waffles, right? So obviously your pup will love these treat bites that combine the two just for them. And they’re a nice shape and size for delivering a quick reward, but won’t add junk to your dog’s diet. The main ingredient is farm-raised chicken, and there’s no corn, soy, wheat, or artificial flavors — the waffle shape is for fun purposes only.

37. A small & elegant kickstand for your phone

Keep the look of your phone minimalist and the shape pocket-friendly while adding a useful kickstand. It lets you take calls or watch videos hands-free — pop the spring kickstand with just one touch, and set your phone down. It closes magnetically and comes in three colors. The slim design is compatible with the majority of smartphones.

38. These shoe deodorizers that eliminate odor-causing molecules

These shoe deodorizer packets don’t add a scent to cover up whatever nastiness is happening in your gym or work shoes — they attack the molecules that create that smell, and neutralize them. Reviewers are thrilled with the results: “My work boots were stinky after six months in the Georgia heat,” says a fan. “I drop these in my boots every evening, and in the morning there is no stank!”

39. A universal socket for when you don’t have that size

It’s inevitable. No matter how many wrenches you have, you will come across a bent, weird, or unusual bolt or screw that you don’t have the right size socket to fit. But this universal socket doesn’t care. It’s made up of steel rods that adjust to the shape of whatever you are trying to turn. Almost 8,000 enthusiasts give it a perfect five stars.

40. This clever hack for making beer cold, fast

Open a beer — even if it’s warm — and stick one of these two beer chiller sticks into it. Then sip right through the top of the chiller. By the time the beer reaches your mouth, it will be ice cold. Even the very last sip will be ice cold. Just store them in the freezer and you can do this at any time.

41. These masks that uncover your baby-soft feet

Pull on these sock-like foot masks, put your feet up, and relax. At first, nothing will happen. But after you remove them and wait a few days, your feet will start shedding the callouses, rough skin, cracks, and everything else you’re hiding in your shoes to reveal brand-new baby soft feet. They are powered by coconut and papaya extract and come in four scents.

42. This super simple egg separator tool

Just rest this clever egg separator on top of a bowl and crack your egg into it. The whites will continue through into the bowl and the yolk will stay in the spoon. You can do many eggs quickly and easily with it, then pop it right in the dishwasher. Great for making egg white omelets, hollandaise sauce, or anything that needs egg parts neatly split.

43. The blanket that makes you look like a burrito

Wrap up in this soft and cozy tortilla blanket and you will be instantly loved. Because everyone loves burritos and that’s what you’ll look like. Choose from three levels of toastiness and five sizes to get exactly the lunchtime look you’re craving. It looks like a toasted tortilla on both sides, and goes right in the washer should you get splashed with some salsa.

44. This microwave popper that will up your snack game

When making popcorn is as easy as putting oil and kernels into this silicone popping bowl and microwaving it for a couple of minutes, you can get really clever with the seasonings. You can choose your own oil, discover your favorite kernels, and have gourmet popcorn any time you like. It goes in the dishwasher, and comes in 10 colors.

45. The steel knife that is the master of butter

Whoever coined the term butter knife was probably hoping for one like this. It has a serrated side for cutting and spreading even butter that’s cold. The flip side has small slotted holes so that thin strips of butter distribute evenly and melt on your toast. And the large hole on the end lets you curl large pieces of butter onto your food. It’s must have if you want to master a stick of cold butter.

Popularity has a downside. It can often mean that the thing you’ve just heard about and must have is sold out — curses! Especially when there are problems with the supply chain, people are panic buying, and online shopping has become everyone’s go-to, the danger of sellouts is high. That’s why Amazon keeps selling out…

Popularity has a downside. It can often mean that the thing you’ve just heard about and must have is sold out — curses! Especially when there are problems with the supply chain, people are panic buying, and online shopping has become everyone’s go-to, the danger of sellouts is high. That’s why Amazon keeps selling out…