You might be shocked that these are 45 of the most popular products people are buying now

In earlier ages, when it came to deciding on headphones, gift ideas, or even a plumber or a pair of pants, humans had a thing called “word of mouth.” It was the most powerful way to find something to buy. When someone you knew recommended an item, that meant you could stop the search. Now, we can find an exponentiated version of word of mouth by way of the reviews section on Amazon. Sure, it takes a bit of savvy to sort the hucksters from the truth tellers, but, at this point we know how. And when hundreds or thousands of people have landed on an item, bought it, come back to say it’s awesome, and given it a five-star review? That’s where the search stops. Often, the things that marketers tell us we’re going to like aren’t the things that get these glowing word-of-mouth metrics. So, you might be surprised that these are 45 of the most popular products people are buying now.

When it comes to loungewear, for example, you might assume everyone wants a high-priced and trendy brand. So, it might come as a mild shock that this pair of inexpensive sweatpants are getting such rave reviews, or that this deliciously comfortable pair of slippers from a brand you’ve never heard of are garnering such plaudits. And, when it comes to skin care, you might like knowing that everyone has discovered a very affordable and easy way to spot-treat blemishes overnight.

What else will you discover on the Amazonian grapevine? There’s only one way to find out. Read on.

1. A teeth-whitening system that works in 10 minutes

All those white smiles you’ve seen lately might be the result of how popular this simple teeth whitening system is. It uses a combination of gel and a battery-operated LED light system to whiten chompers in just ten minutes. “It was easy to use and I got great results,” boasts a pearly-toothed fan in one of the almost 5,000 five-star reviews.

2. This exfoliating foot peel made with fruit extracts

If you want beautiful, baby-soft feet and don’t want to repeatedly visit a salon to acquire them, pull on a pair of these foot-peel mask socks. They’re filled with a botanical infusion that includes fruit enzymes, lactic acid, aloe vera, and lavender, and will cause the rough skin on your feet to shed over the course of a few days. Reviewers love this treatment and give it 1,200 perfect reviews.

3. The chic collapsible basket people are using for everything

When you’re shopping at the farmer’s market or grocery, headed to the gym, or carting your gear to the office, this deluxe, collapsable basket will carry everything for you (and with style). It’s big and roomy, has a frame that snaps open and closed, boasts long straps, and has an inner pocket to keep small items safe and sound.

4. A cherry blossom gift box of self-care

This package of cherry-blossom scented self-care products makes an outstanding gift for a friend or yourself. With a luscious hand soap, massage oil, bath salts, hand cream, and scented candle, it infuses every part of your day with the smell of cherry blossoms. The lotions and oils are rich in Vitamin E and the packaging is environmentally friendly.

5. The Dead Sea mud mask with hordes of fans

People love what this Dead Sea mud mask does for their skin, saying that a weekly application of the mineral-rich mud purifies and cleans pores, and reduces inflammation and breakouts, while the aloe, calendula, vitamin E, and jojoba oil soothe irritation and calm skin. Happy users have bestowed it with over 25,000 five-stars.

6. A relaxing scalp brush & massager

Whether you make a scalp massage part of your hair cleaning ritual or use the soft, bendy bristles of this hair scrubber as a part of a relaxing self-care routine, it will remove oils, clean your scalp, relieve itching, stimulate circulation, and feel amazing. The bristles are long enough to reach past the thickest hair and the handles are matte and easy to hold.

7. This cooling face mask for an instant refresher

When your eyes are puffy, your face is flushed or irritated, or you just need an all-over wake-up call before you show your face in a meeting, pull this cooling face mask out of the fridge and put it on. It’s also great warmed in the microwave to open pores or relax a headache. It comes in five colors.

8. A modern alarm clock that’s also a mirror

This mirror-face alarm clock is not only a tool in the fight against being late, it’s a modern design element as well as a functional mirror. The three brightness levels can be set to automatically drop to a sleep-friendly dimness at night, or you can adjust the brightness manually. It has two USB ports for charging devices and you can set it on a table or hang it from the wall.

9. This curtain of LEDs for up-leveled ambient lighting

Hang this curtain of 300 warm-white LED lights in a window, behind a bed or couch, as a room divider, or whatever your imagination conceives of to create magical lighting elements indoors or out. Choose from eight modes that tell the lights to flash, stay on constantly, twinkle, or more. There are ten hanging strands, each with 30 lights.

10. These macrame shelves for storage & decor anywhere

These three shelves are so easy to install, and they create instant storage that’s also decorative. Keep supplies on them in the bathroom, plants on them in a window, or turn them into an entryway or bedside solution. The three shelves are separated by textured macrame and hang from one or two hooks.

11. A colorful set of bowls for food prep, storage & serving

Solve all your mixing, serving, and food storage problems with one comely solution. This set of six bowls arrives as a color gradient in any of ten color schemes, and each bowl has its own lid. They all stack together for storage so it’s easy to locate the bowl you want. You can mix a salad or salsa, serve it in the bowl you mixed it in, cover it with the snug-fitting lid, and pop any leftovers in the fridge.

12. This 6-pack of socks with grippy dots on the soles

If you need grippy socks for yoga or Pilates, for a stay in the hospital, or for padding around the house, why not have six? This set of stretchy, comfortable, low-cut socks has grippy dots all over the sole to keep you walking sturdily on hard floors, plus your feet will stay warm and cozy. There are nine color options.

13. The soft, comfy lounge pants that people love

With 17 colors and a wide range of sizes starting at extra-small and slim and going up to 2X and tall, these fleece sweatpants are a great option for everyone you know. They are soft, stretchy, and comfortable, have two on-seam side pockets, and the leg is straight-but-relaxed like slacks, so — while they are great loungewear — you can also feel at ease wearing them out and about.

14. This egg cooker for perfect eggs without effort

If you struggle to get eggs just how you like them, this little egg cooker may be your newest, roundest hero. Put the eggs in the cooker, add some water, and push the button. It will alert you when your eggs are ready. Make six hard, medium, or soft-boiled eggs at once, for a week’s worth of lunches, or use the inserts to poach eggs or make delightfully easy omelets.

15. The apple corer that’s fast & efficient

If you want a quick pile of apple slices for a pie or to toss a bite of sweetness into a salad, this apple corer makes the task super fast and easy. Just press the serrated edge to the end of the apple and twist. It slides through the fruit like butter and removes the core, so that bad boy is ready to be sliced and served up however you like.

16. A set of sleek, electric spice grinders

These battery-operated salt and pepper grinders turn peppercorns, coarse salt, or whatever you fill them with into freshly ground spices. Just turn them over and point them at the food you want to season and they do the rest. You can adjust the coarseness of the grind with a turn of the dial. An LED comes on to illuminate your seasoning area, and the grinders look elegant on the table.

17. This kitchen scale to accurately weigh your herbs

If you’re cooking or baking, there is nothing like a kitchen scale to add speed and efficiency to the process. This one holds all your bowls, switches among all the measuring units with a push of the button, is accurate, and easily fits in a drawer when you aren’t using it. Nearly 56,000 people give it five stars and it comes in seven colors.

18. An organizer for hard-to-store items

If you want to hang your just-washed masks (or bow ties) to dry, or store jewelry without the chains getting tangled, this hanging organizer is an elegant solution. With three T-shaped tiers and a tray to hold small items, it keeps these annoying-to-store items safe and handy. It comes in 10 colors and gets almost 18,000 perfect five-stars.

19. These eyeglass holders that clean the lenses

The two major problems with eyeglasses are that they get lost and, when you find them and put them on, they’re covered in dust and fingerprints. This two-pack of glasses holder stands gives you dedicated places to set them down, and the act of slipping specs into the faux-fur lined holder neatly cleans the lenses.

20. These 12 face masks for a variety of skin treatments

These Korean face masks are so easy to use. Just open the package, unfold the collagen-serum-infused paper, match the shape to your face, and rest for a few minutes. There are solutions for every kind of skin situation so you can dial in the treatment you need whenever you need it. Charcoal purifies; tea tree oil calms; honey removes impurities; avocado regenerates; and pomegranate brightens.

21. This set of three big cutting boards

Owning these three big cutting boards will instantly increase the creative capacity of your kitchen. They each have a moat so juices don’t escape the board and run onto the counter, they go easily — and repeatedly — into the dishwasher without incurring damage, they are reversible, there’s a grippy handle on the end, and you can choose from 14 colors.

22. The milk frother that adds rich foam to your morning brew

Start the day with a cafe au lait or cappuccino simply by dipping this brilliant milk frother into the milk until it foams. You can heat the milk — for hot coffees — or froth it cold for your cold brew. It’s fast and super easy. It even comes with a metal stand so it can be stored at the ready on the counter.

23. A saucy notepad that’s every message you need

With a big “WTF” at the top, memo fields for you and your recipient, and a checklist of commonly-needed reactions, this is the most efficient message pad you’ll ever have. Your missives will be fast, funny, and to the point. There are 50 pages so you can communicate this effectively over and over again. If WTF doesn’t fit your messaging style, there are 14 other options.

24. This variety pack of tasty, moisturizing lip balms

These six lip balms will set you up for months of soft lips as you tour all the delicious flavors: Mint Burst, Citrus, Beeswax, Eucalyptus Mint, Vanilla, and Coconut. Each tasty tube is beeswax-based and loaded with sunflower seed oil, Vitamins A, D, and E, coconut oil, and olive oil.

25. The multi-plug & USB surge protector that modernizes your outlets

If your home has a paucity of power, plug this beefy power extender in and bring your outlets leaping into the electronic gadget age. With two fast-charging USB ports, six standard outlets that are actually usable simultaneously, and an LED night light around the edges, it’s perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you need that power.

26. These pullover bras that are mostly cotton

This type of pullover tank-style bra is so comfy to wear, yet it can be very difficult to find them in cotton. Well, here they are! The shirred front is flattering, the wide sides offer excellent support, the straps do not slip, and they are 95% cotton. There are three color options.

27. This 4-Port USB hub so you can plug everything in

Short on USB plugs on your laptop? That is so easily solved with this 4-port USB hub. Just plug the USB end into your computer, and you’ll have four newly available ports ready to connect your scanner, speaker, keyboard, camera, or whatever else you need. Each port has its own lighted power button and the tiny unit gets over 65,000 five-star reviews.

28. A cozy pair of slippers with a memory-foam footbed

These cozy slippers are just the thing to keep your feet toasty and comfy in all sorts of weather. The fleece lining feels delightful to the tootsies and is deliciously warm. The memory foam footbed gives you a soft landing that molds to the contours of your foot. And the rubber sole makes them suitable for a run to the mailbox or a quick jaunt with the dog.

29. The notebook you can keep using forever

If you enjoy putting pen to paper when gathering thoughts or taking notes, but also like editable notes that are stored in the cloud, this smart, reusable notebook is your solution. Jot your notes on paper. Then use the app to send them — transcribed and searchable — to the cloud destination of your choice. When the 32 dot-grid pages are full, wipe them clean with the included cloth and start over again.

30. A whiteboard that fits where you need it

This chrome-framed whiteboard is just the thing for jotting notes and messages on the fridge, organizing your plans, or anything you may want to keep track of. It sticks to the wall with the included adhesive, or to the fridge with included magnetic strips. The six colorful, fine-tip markers stick magnetically to the board and each one has a built-in eraser.

31. These spot patches that heal blemishes

If a massive zit is threatening to ruin your event — or just your day — apply one of these hydrocolloid patches and forget it. They provide a protected, healing environment that keeps dirt away from inflamed pores while absorbing fluids to reduce the size and severity of blemishes. They also cover the bump — and you can put makeup right on them — so you can wear them at night or during the day.

32. The fob that helps you find your keys

If losing your keys is an ongoing problem, this Tile keyfob will make that a thing of the past. Just attach the fob to your keys, connect it via Bluetooth to your phone, and it will show you where your keys are on a map whenever you like. If they are nearby, but you can’t locate them, a tap to the phone will start the fob beeping for easy locating. You can also use the fob for your phone.

33. This acupressure roller for effective at-home foot massage

Giving your feet a little TLC is a breeze when you have this foot roller under the desk or couch. Just roll your feet over the two types of accupressure rollers for a pleasant foot massage or serious relief from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, sore arches, or nerve pain. It has a grippy base, is made from sustainable wood, and gets almost 18,000 five-star reviews.

34. A smart garden so you can grow herbs in the kitchen

You don’t need a sunny window (or a green thumb) to grow indoor herbs or vegetables with this smart garden. All you do is drop in the seed pods, fill it with water, and turn it on. An LED grow light delivers all the light your plants need, an indicator on the basin lets you know when to add more water, and the soil has all the nutrients your plants require. Extension arms for the light let your plants grow tall.

35. The Cadillac of big thermal tumblers

This Yeti 20-ounce thermal tumbler is the one everyone covets. It’s no-sweat to keep hands dry and comes in 26 colors that don’t fade, peel, or crack. It’s also the only double-wall stainless steel tumbler you’ll find that features a magnetized lid to keep liquids locked inside. It fits in most cup holders and might be the last beverage vessel you ever need.

36. This smart plug that lets you add voice control to any outlet

There is no better way to hack the morning than to hit the alarm and shout, “Alexa! Make coffee!” Then go back to sleep until you smell the sweet aroma of java. This smart plug is the key. It will also turn on lights, or connect anything that plugs in to your smart home system, so you can include it in routines and voice commands. This is via Amazon, and is built to work on its own via the Alexa app, or as part of a smart home with the Alexa hub.

37. A lip plumper for a juicy kisser

This lip plumper gives lips a fuller look, all while hydrating them with vitamin E to reduce fine lines around the mouth, make lipsticks pop, and generally glam up your visage. It works alone or with other lip products — such as gloss or lipstick. “My lips look beautiful,” exclaims one reviewer. “It stays right on my lips and lasts for hours. I absolutely love it!”

38. This silicone food storage bag you can cook in

This reusable food-storage bag made of silicone takes the no-plastic movement into new territory by creating a food storage solution that’s actually better than single-use plastic bags. You can microwave, boil, or sous vide food right inside, store cooked food in the fridge in the same bag, then — after you eat it — put the bag in the dishwasher. It comes in 10 colors and seven sizes.

39. A warm place to set tea so it stays hot as long as you want

You’ll never pick up a cold cup of coffee or tea again, if you set your mug on this warmer instead of the cold desk. It has two settings so you can dial in the ideal sipping temperature for the beverage at hand, looks sleek on the desk, and you can set a timer so it shuts off on its own. It’s waterproof and plugs into a standard outlet.

40. These clingy window decals that look like snowflakes

Create a blizzard on any window with these snowflakes and flurries decals that stick easily to glass, but also remove easily. There are 400 pieces, including a variety of snowflakes and dots of various sizes. They are reusable and make great seasonal decorations. Also? The birds will thank you because they’ll stop slamming into windowpanes.

41. A 6-port charging station for all the phones & tablets

Plug this charging station in somewhere convenient and give every phone and tablet in the house a tidy place to charge. Moveable dividers hold big tables or phones in bulky cases on edge to save space. It comes with six short — two Lightning, two USB-C, and two micro-USB — charging cables. And a soft blue glow indicates when it’s charging.

42. This stone facial roller & Gua Sha kit

These face rollers and Gua Sha combo kits are a clever trick in facial care. Choose a crystal — rose quartz or jade, in green, white, blue, or purple — and use it as a massager for your neck and face, or to apply serums and lotions. Keep the stones in the fridge for a cool and refreshing face massage, to reduce sinus pain, or as a way to depuff the eye area. Almost 25,000 people are raving about these and give them five stars.

43. The misting facial spray with a cult following

Whenever skin needs a hit of hydration, spritz with this delicious scented blend of rosewater, aloe, and botanicals. Use it before moisturizing to up the hydration ante of your lotion. Or use it after makeup as a setting spray or refresher. You can also just give yourself a cooling spritz of delicious scent when the weather is hot. This is two, 4-ounce bottles.

44. A headband with built-in Bluetooth headphones

When going for a run or cold-weather hike, this Bluetooth headband will keep your ears warm, control your hair, and play music. And when you head to bed, pull it on to drown out the snoring of a partner, listen to a book as you fall asleep, or play restful music through the night. The fabric absorbs sweat, the speakers are so thin you don’t feel them, and over 12,000 people rate them five stars.

45. This 6-pack of timers for everything from cooking to yoga

These six small digital timers are easy to use, have a magnetic back so you can stick them to the fridge or dishwasher, and let you easily time everything from your planks to the eggs you are hard boiling to the cake in the oven (shout to GBBO). Since there are six of them, you can even time all of those things at once. A retractable stand lets you set them on a desk or table.

In earlier ages, when it came to deciding on headphones, gift ideas, or even a plumber or a pair of pants, humans had a thing called “word of mouth.” It was the most powerful way to find something to buy. When someone you knew recommended an item, that meant you could stop the search. Now,…

In earlier ages, when it came to deciding on headphones, gift ideas, or even a plumber or a pair of pants, humans had a thing called “word of mouth.” It was the most powerful way to find something to buy. When someone you knew recommended an item, that meant you could stop the search. Now,…