Tuesday Newsfeed: It’s For The Grater Good, Ya Know

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Am I the only one that is at the point of the news grating on the mind 24/7?
It and the COVID insanity is a YUGE part of the holiday angst many are feeling this year.
I mean, we know how to ‘do without’ if we can’t purchase as much as we typically do for holiday gifts and whatnots.
Look at those areas hit hard by the recent outbreak of tornadoes. Those poor folks are doing without everything now, including loved ones. Homes, vehicles and all belongings and food, farms and businesses/factories, post office and livelihoods, churches and schools that usually become bases for food and services as well as shelters during disasters like this, water and power have been wiped out for them, in many cases. From age 2 months to the late 80s people, 12 of them children, are now gone from families, friends and communities.

And so, this Christmas maybe buy one less gift and make a donation to the American Red Cross or, if you find you have issues with that organization, look to others such as Samaritan’s Purse and make a donation. Be careful of scammers. And send up a Christmas stocking full of prayers for all those fellow Americans celebrating the continuing gift of life itself, despite the sudden devastation they find themselves surround with.

There are those among us that just can’t ‘give it a rest’ already:

Nearly two solid years of crap with the China plague, a stolen election, and now the deliberate trashing and intentional collapsing of our Constitutional representative republic, and we are still having a little respite with the holidays (religious or secular or patriotic) pissed on…

Matt Wall: Wreaths Across America ‘carpet-bombing’ veteran cemeteries with ‘Christian gang sign,’ nonprofit says: Laying wreaths on veteran graves without consent akin to a Christian ‘gang sign,’ group said

Stephanie Pagones: Chicago father violently attacked, killed while hanging Christmas lights outside home, family says: Father of 3 dies after being beaten in head by pair of unknown suspects

Twitchy: WATCH: Police in Germany arrest a non-registered Santa Claus protesting anti-Covid measures at the Stralsund Christmas market during

Corona Criminals:

We are officially living a COVID version of “Minority Report”, y’all. But it really doesn’t involve any possible “pre-crime” the targeted person may, or may not, commit. No, it is unprovable and improbable possibly that the targeted person might, or might not, eventually get the China virus infection, even though the person has formally tested to be virus-free at the time of being taken into custody…

Tucker Carlson: This is the definition of a manufactured threat: There has never been a more selfish and short-sighted leadership class

Libby Emmons: Atlantic writer David Frum calls for hospitals to ‘quietly’ ‘serve the unvaccinated last’: The Atlantic’s David Frum issued a tweet in which he claimed that one Covid prevention/punitive measure is to “Let hospitals quietly triage emergency care to serve the unvaccinated last.”

A dangerous madness has taken over otherwise reasonable thinking people as the pandemic continues. They have not only celebrated policies dictated by emergency orders to curb the rights of their fellow citizens, but have advocated for more restrictions and penalties for those who don’t comply.

This is part of a broader mindset in which it is not enough to live as one chooses and allow others to do the same, but must forcefully require others in society to live according to your own dictates, under penalty of punishment.

Those who are opposed to vaccine mandates and forced compliance are not opposed to vaccines, they are opposed to totalitarian government dictates that restrict Americans’ pursuit of their own life, liberty, and happiness.

VIDEO: Joe Concha rips journalist suggesting unvaccinated should be treated last in hospitals: This is a ‘racist argument’

Twitchy: David Frum is very angry that Tucker Carlson rightly called him ‘an evil man’ for wanting the unvaccinated to suffer


Well, yeah. And it continues to work out so great for those who’ve died, and are still dying. History had better not be kind to these non-treatment SOBs. There are 3 more videos of this interview on Youtube. Watch them before Youtube scrubs them.

Stephen Green: Insanity Wrap: COVID Sense Breaks Out in Colorado, World Fails to End

Jordan Boyd: Still No Deaths From Omicron, And Americans Are Getting On With Their Lives: Americans are returning to normal despite the corporate media’s attempts to drum up alarm over the supposedly “highly transmissible” Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Harvey Risch, Robert W. Malone, and Byram Bridle: Forcing People Into COVID Vaccines Ignores Important Scientific Information: Now more than ever we need substantive debate about decisions that affect the health of hundreds of millions of people, including views counter to official positions.

Alex Story: Vaccine Mandates Abroad Suggest Ominous Lessons: Those who can see where this is going should do what they can to make sure Britain and America remain beacons of hope.

Political profiteering off illegal aliens:

Some of the crime wave is undoubtedly being carried out by some illegally in this country. If only the authorities would make arrests and judges/prosecutors not catch and release criminals and if the asinine MSM would only do their job and investigate all of this. But here we are, the Biden human trafficking operation…

FNC: Gov. DeSantis: Biden effectively running a mass ‘human smuggling operation’ with secret flights into Florida: DeSantis says the southern border is a disaster for Biden (w/VIDEO)

Jim Hoft: Joe Biden Faces Another Blow: Court Shoots Down Biden Regime’s Attempt to Stop Trump’s Highly Successful “Remain in Mexico” Policy

Again with the video feed “glitches” coinkydinks:

Well, we have an indication on who the Biden administration stands with in this approaching China-Taiwan conflict…

Mary Chastain: State Dept. Denies Cutting Taiwan Minister Video Feed After Map Showed Country in Different Color Than China: I don’t believe in coincidences.

Rick Moran: The Hysterical Reaction of Biden Aides to a Map Showing Taiwan as a Separate Country From China

And with our tax dollars:

The J6 protest was to demand a formal ‘audit’ of the 2020 election … NOT to overthrow the government, as the demo-commies and their PRAVDA MSM are falsely spewing…

Melissa Mackenzie: Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Select Committee Hoax: Once again, the regime persecutes enemies to cover for its own evils.

Margot Cleveland: Another Lawsuit Holds The Key To Trump’s Best Defense Against The Jan. 6 Committee: Because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi failed to appoint the requisite number of members, the Jan. 6 committee is arguably invalid under its own authorizing resolution.

Jim Hoft: “The Mob Was Summoned to Washington by President Trump” – BREAKING: Unhinged Demon Liz Cheney Hints Federal Charges Against President Trump … This latest Cheney BS will do wonders for the republican primarying her ass in the next election.

Twitchy: Mollie Hemingway points out the fatal flaw in the January 6 conspiracy theory argument now that we’ve seen these text messages

Peter D’Abrosca: The PowerPoint Mutiny and Democrat Deflection: The January 6 Commission is a kangaroo court spectacle designed to distract you from your original and perfectly legitimate questions about election integrity.

Cassandra Fairbanks: DC Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Proud Boys, Oathkeepers — Compares Jan. 6 to 9/11

Julie Kelly: Justice Department Moves to Conceal Police Misconduct on January 6: Preventing defendants from telling juries exactly what happened on January 6 is the Justice Department’s latest attempt to cover up pervasive police misconduct.

Stuff old Joe lied about in his 2020 campaign and lies about now:

Athena Thorne: White House Confirms College Graduates Will Once Again Be Asked to Act Like Adults, Pay Back Their Loans

Ace: Brandon’s FEMA Director: Of Course the Weekend’s Tornadoes Were Caused by Global Warming. This is Known.


Carl Campanile: Andrew Cuomo ordered to return $5.1M pandemic book profits to state

Twitchy: It takes Janice Dean only three letters to respond to the news that Andrew Cuomo must pay back the profits from his $5.1 million book deal

Snuff on crime:

I’ve been saying for years that the government on all levels can double or triple gun laws, and we already do have a mountain of them at all levels of local/state/federal government, but as long as we have defense lawyers plea-bargaining down their guilty clients’ gun charges, and prosecutors/judges, as in Amy Swearer’s citing in her opening testimony, refusing to charge criminals with breaking gun laws … and then have a career ignoramus like Dick Durbin attempting to silence the facts/data … no amount of increasing of more and more allegedly “sane” gun laws won’t make a damn difference to the criminals. The insanity is these lawmakers and law/judicial enforcers not enforcing our current mountain of existing gun laws. And this isn’t just a Chicago problem. All the nation’s leftist-run big cities’ officials’ asinine policies are fueling this crime wave wildfire in the country by enabling the criminals, and endangering the innocent populations in those cities.

Twitchy: Heritage Foundation Legal Fellow Amy Swearer deftly dodges Dem Sen. Dick Durbin’s attempts to shut her up on Chicago gun violence

TDW: WATCH: Psaki’s Dodge When Pressed About Rising Crime Rates Across Country

Jessica Chasmar: Democratic mayors under fire as crime, violence plagues Chicago, New York, Philadelphia: Chicago mayor blamed retailers for not locking up merchandise amid flood of smash-and-grab robberies

Human Events: Head of LAPD Police Union Warns Tourists Away

Matt Margolis: Leftism Is Destroying San Francisco, AP Concedes

Rick Fuentes: The Whitewashing of Black Crime

The Musk of Musk:

We’ve heard the missive “I love to hate…”. For me with regards to Elon Musk mine is “I hate to love” the guy, but I kinda-sorta do…

TIME: Elon Musk is TIME’S 2021 Person of The Year

And leftist heads will be exploding…


DM: Elon Musk says Tesla will accept cryptocurrency dogecoin as payment for some merchandise on a test basis sending price soaring by 33% in two hours

Something different and very interesting:

The unsettled ‘settlers’ history of North America…

Tom Metcalfe: In tree rings and radioactive carbon, signs of the Vikings in North America: Wood at a settlement in Canada’s Newfoundland that was cut with metal tools helped researchers pinpoint when the Norse first reached the continent — well before Columbus.

Christmas Delectables:

Josh Shepherd: Your 2021 Guide To Streaming These Top 25 Christmas Classics: The fire is roaring and hot cocoa is almost ready. Here’s how to navigate all the endless streaming services to see these 25 beloved Christmas classics.

I’ll add these favorites from my list:

“Christmas in Connecticut”


“The Man Who Came to Dinner”

“Meet Me in St. Louis” (of course)


Al Perrotta: It’s a Wonderful Life at 75: A Christmas Lesson Left on the Cutting Room Floor


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

Posted by Maggie on December 14, 2021 in From the editors Am I the only one that is at the point of the news grating on the mind 24/7?It and the COVID insanity is a YUGE part of the holiday angst many are feeling this year.I mean, we know how to ‘do without’ if we can’t purchase as much as we…

Posted by Maggie on December 14, 2021 in From the editors Am I the only one that is at the point of the news grating on the mind 24/7?It and the COVID insanity is a YUGE part of the holiday angst many are feeling this year.I mean, we know how to ‘do without’ if we can’t purchase as much as we…