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Since libs, progressives, socialists, “wokers” and Marxists are busy trying to destroy America and kill us, perhaps it’s past time we define our enemy and take the fight to him? To be successful, we must know exactly who is he, where he is, what motivates him, what he knows, what he wants and, most importantly, how best to kill him? For us, the normal conservative patriotic American, it’s vital we recognize our mortal enemy and determine to prevail over him.

To kill ones enemy, first, you have to know that enemy. In our case, he is the enemy of all mankind. The servants of Satan come in several distinctly different forms and levels. The first and highest level is the over-world. These sonabitches are the top dogs; Soros, Gates, Schawb, Xi, Davos 7, many in the UN, heads of various states etc. Collectively, they make up what we call the Cabal and, worldwide, number perhaps 80 to 100. These bastards and their families are the ones pushing and funding the destruction and murder.

Behind and supporting them, at the elected state and federal level, are the bent, sicko lefty governors, attorney generals and congressmen- the evil minions.  We include in this group the demented assholes, plagiarists, pedios, fags, freaks and all low IQ lapdogs of the media who work directly for the upper class of bosses. The job of the bent media is to parrot and protect the narrative.

Next, are the low level minions, the BLM assholes, Antifa goons, mindless ugly destructive looters, and just plain street scum which make up the soldiers and muscle of the upper levels. There are common characteristics of all included the above groups. These traits and characteristics portray and identify the enemy only in the most general terms, Of course, there will be always be exceptions but, in the main, the demographic profiles below well describe our enemy.

First, they live in cities, mostly all are urbanites, dwellers of the disgusting, degrading and demoralizing concrete jungles. None have a garage, none (except for a few) live in single family homes, none have tools nor do any use or know how to use tools. None have ever taken a warm egg from under a laying hen or mucked a cow stall, none have been hiking, climbing, hunting, trapping, camping, boating skiing, fishing, diving or (except for the upper two levels), any  traveling. Few have ever had a passport and few ever owned or even know how to drive a car.

Many in the lowest (soldier) group (which makes up the largest) are male, most under 40, many with police records. The majority are black and hispanic with something like 20% Caucasian. Almost all are shallow, stupid, poorly educated, barely literate sociopathic and homicidal animals. Most are and were grade and high school dropouts and many have no birth certificates. Actually, except for police records, many do not officially exist.

Few have ever known their father, almost none were baptized and almost all were born to a single mother (generally, at best, a crack whore) and raised (if you can call it that) by (if they were lucky) her mother. Almost all are unemployable and few, except for robbing, stealing, pushing drugs and guns, have ever had a job. They and their families live on the largess of the state (welfare) and have done for a few generations. As to under what roof they survive, mostly it’s section 8 welfare dumps where several generations squat together in horrible squalor.

As a group, they have frequently been in and out of juvie, jail and prison. All have a marked proclivity to steal and see nothing wrong with it. They are, from birth, Godless atheists. Many, if not most, have impregnated females along the way and, by their 20’s, have been sperm donors for a number of children (self-duplication rather than procreation) none of whom they acknowledge or know. In total, their numbers are in the area of 2 to 3 million. They inhabit every urban nightmare passing for a city all across America with their greatest numbers to be found in the dying criminal towns run by bent lefties.

Most of these thugs know how to shoot, knife, stone and beat their opponents (as long as they don’t fight back al la Kyle). This anti-social behavior is thankfully generally directed at each other- only occasionally at us. Us, in this case, being the innocent citizens, children and cops the mobs have attacked injured and murdered. Unfortunately, it is this class of enemy we are most likely to meet. The upper two levels of humanity’s enemies generally do not venture into the street or anywhere a member of the normal American public is likely to cross their path.

To effectively eliminate (terminate and neutralize) these street criminal servants of Satan, all we need do is license and allow the police to do their job. For many decades, our cities were relatively secure and safe for normal people because we allowed the police to police. If we can kick the lefties out of office and replace them with conservatives, we can again let the cops off their leash and, in a few months, the scum will disappear. In cities like Portland, LA and others, where decent people are fleeing, and where there’s no chance to get the bent scum out of office, we can send in the military and simply gun the swine down, a real blood bath sparing none. In 2 to 3 months peace will return.

As to the higher levels of our most devoted enemies, where much of the damage to our country stems from, were talking about the media and the elected clowns in state and federal government. Unfortunately, there are only two ways to get rid of these miserable creatures. We, in the case of elected officials, can 1) vote them out which is only possible by in-person paper-only voting with positive proof of ID and until the voting machines and mail-in ballots are gotten rid of, demoRATS will remain in office. 2) We can hunt them down and terminate them in their homes, offices or in the streets. Obviously, it’s far more preferable (enjoyable, at least to me) to take them out permanently using option 2 than having to go through the questionable voting process and, as long as lefties control the election machines and mail-in ballots, our only and best option is to shoot them.

Of course, then getting to the top master players (the Cabal) in this war will be the most difficult. They do have vulnerabilities however which can be exploited. All of them travel by private jet filing flight plans. If and when we rid America of the bent bastards such that we take control of our country, we can arrange for our military to take them out using ground to air and air to air missiles. Also, again using strike forces, we can take them out at their offices, homes and hotels. They most definitely are not bullet proof!

My book ASSASSIN discusses the fine and ancient art of assassination and gives the reader some appreciation of the effort that goes into doing the job professionally. The reader will understand that there is no one safe from a determined professional assassin. There are endless ways to terminate the target and there is no target that cannot be terminated- period! So, yes, we can get each and everyone of them.

The question is do “WE” have the will. As I see it- if we don’t, we’re all dead men walking. The over-world will get us all one way or another. If it’s not by forced killer vaccines, it may be by chem-trails or poison in the water and food supplies. Make no mistake, they want humanity stamped out. They do not want to share this world and its resources with untold billions of humans. The scam-plan-demic was round one. That fight isn’t over. It’s highly likely that enough damage has already been done. If enough members of a complex inner-dependent technological modern society are murdered, and if many of them are military, first responders and workers in crucial infrastructure jobs, the rest of us may not last long.

Imagine how long we could last without water, sanitation, electricity, food deliveries, communication, government and medical care and with no police or military? It’s highly likely than in a few months most of us would follow the vaxxed. Our only option, as I see it, is to fight back, organize and fight, now while we still can! If we win we can see about how to keep things going and how to save the country. If not, bend over and kiss your ass good bye!

How to get the fight going? Organize!! We need leaders. I’m ready and I will do it. If not me, then someone else. I’m OK with that but we need someone right now! We can’t sit about and hope to be saved by future rigged elections while watching the bastards invent endless variants, lock-downs and “juice” mandates. Christ, they even want to jab little kids! We fight or die!

Robert J. Firth is an airline pilot with 42 years of experience flying aircraft worldwide. Robert lived and worked many countries throughout his career, including 3 years in Vietnam, 5 in Africa and 12 in Europe and Russia as well as in Taiwan and HKK. Learn more here:  [email protected]

Since libs, progressives, socialists, “wokers” and Marxists are busy trying to destroy America and kill us, perhaps it’s past time we define our enemy and take the fight to him? To be successful, we must know exactly who is he, where he is, what motivates him, what he knows, what he wants and, most importantly,…

Since libs, progressives, socialists, “wokers” and Marxists are busy trying to destroy America and kill us, perhaps it’s past time we define our enemy and take the fight to him? To be successful, we must know exactly who is he, where he is, what motivates him, what he knows, what he wants and, most importantly,…