Americans are Now a Cross Between Slow-Boiling Frogs and Submissive Lab Rats

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Roberto Wakerell-Cruz @ P.M.: WATCH: Jordan Peterson tells Joe Rogan how tyranny happens ‘one tiny step at a time’ in eerie prediction of current COVID measures – In the clip, Peterson explained that “things get to terrible places one tiny step at a time.” Peterson later tweeted that this is “the story of Canada right now.”

A clip from an old interview between Dr. Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan has gone viral on Tuesday. The clip showed Peterson explaining how authoritarian policies are slowly introduced, no matter how unpopular they may be.

In the clip, Peterson explained that “things get to terrible places one tiny step at a time.” Peterson later tweeted that this is “the story of Canada right now.”…

In the clip, Peterson explained that “things get to terrible places one tiny step at a time.”

“If I encroach on you and I’m sophisticated about it, I’m going to encroach right to the point where you start to protest. Then I’m going to stop. Then I’m going to wait. Then you’re going to calm down, and I’m going to encroach again right to the point where you protest.”

“Then I’m going to stop, then I’m going to wait. I’m just going to do this forever,” explained Peterson. “Before you know it, I’m going to be back three miles from where you started, and I’ll have done this one step at a time. Then you’ll go, ‘how did I get here?’ and the answer was, well, I pushed you a little further than you should’ve gone…

In the (video) interview Peterson cite a book titled “Ordinary Men” as an example of this method…

Konstantin Kisin @ Tablet (8-10-21): Why Don’t They Believe Us? You’re struggling to understand where all this vaccine hesitancy comes from. Let me help you. … EXCELLENT read.

Yes, I know how I go on and on about how COVID19 is a lab-created bio-weapon released upon the world. The question also remains, not only “How” it came about and how it got out, but “Why?” And now every few months we are being fear *gasped* by the politicians and the not-elected “scientists” and their boiling-water-carrying leftist MSM into cowering in six feet distances with multiple masks smothering our exterior respiratory system, and being needled and bullied into yet another ‘jab’ in the arm that we are not permitted to object to … some openly seriously suggesting internment of the unvaxxed (and that includes those who have had the initial two shots but now refuse what looks to be an unending “booster” regime every few months) and even suggested legislation of refusal of healthcare coverage (which we are told by the same ilk is a “human right”) for the unvaxxed if they become sick with the virus.

So, now we have the latest “variant”, in a line of “variants” that will more likely than not run clean through the Greek alphabet and then some, called Xi– er, sorry, “Omicron” and I about went through the ceiling/roof of my living room when I heard a doctor the other day saying now specific multiple dose (perhaps three jabs) vaccines … WITH boosters on top of it … will be made for variants. You got that? Do you see what the Hell is going on? But for now, with this Omicron variant this might suffice, for now, anyway…

Cristina Laila: “I Think We Will Need a Fourth Dose” – Pfizer CEO Says 4th Covid Jab May Be Needed Sooner Than Expected (VIDEO)

Cecelia Smith-Schoenwalder: Pfizer CEO: Omicron Variant Could Mean Fourth Vaccine Dose Needed Sooner Than Expected: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla previously said a fourth dose could be needed one year after the third shot.

Cristina Laila: FDA Authorizes Pfizer Covid Booster Shot For 16 and 17 Year Olds One Day After Pfizer Pushes Third Jab as Protection Against Omicron Variant

It is increasingly apparent that this is intended to be unending. And what we have seen with job losses over refusal of vaccination, and what Australia and European countries are doing to the rights and liberty of their own people, vaxxed or not, is meant to intimidate the masses into complete submission to the state. Jordan Peterson is 110% correct.

Oh, and Glenn Beck has had his team working on deep research with FOIAs and loads of other tools for raw information for a year, and he has uncovered that drug companies were working on vaccines long before the COVID19 allegedly “leaked” from the Wuhan lab. And now that the bulk of adult lab rats have been jabbed, it’s time to widen the experiment onto our children, and eventually our babies…

Joe Hoft: HUGE! Glenn Beck on Tucker Carlson: US Doctors Were Reviewing Moderna Vaccine In December 2019 Before COVID Hit the US (VIDEO)

It seems the only thing changing about this damn two year pandemic and its vaccine fallout is Fauci’s constant changing of the goalpost and trying to hold it up by claiming he is “the science”…

Cassidy Morrison: Fauci says it’s ‘a matter of when, not if,’ definition of fully vaccinated changes to include boosters … See how that works, y’all?

Matt Margolis: LUNACY: Fauci Wants You to Demand Proof of Vaccination for Holiday Guests

I think it’s time the media, print and TV, replace these incessant images…

With this, because that is pretty much what is actually going on…

And this is part of the MSM COVID fear-cowering inducer, completely out of context when presented to the masses…

This time last year the hospital where my daughter is a doctor and on the faculty had a couple hundred COVID patients.
Last week I asked her how many they have right now. She said about 45 COVID patients, and most all had pre-existing medical conditions. I also asked her if the hospital was short staffed. She said ‘yes’. And then I asked if they had cut back on available beds because of the staff shortage(s). She said ‘yes’. This is the case in most hospitals across the country. So, keep that in-mind when, during this year’s cold and flu season, the MSM hammers headlines with “bed shortages in hospitals”.

And this crap too…

Twitchy: ‘Get your facts straight’! Harris Faulkner shuts down lib guest who suggests Fox News cares more about Christmas tree than anti-vaxxers … Good for Harris! So sick and tired of the left pushing the false premise of people are “anti-vax”, when it is ANTI-MANDATES that the vast majority of people are, even people that have been vaxxed!

That said…

Vasko Kohlmayer: VAERS Data Indicates the Covid Vaccines Have Killed At Least 140,000 Americans

To get an idea of just how dangerous the current Covid vaccines are, we only need to look at the numbers in the government-authorized VAERS database.

As you may know, VAERS is an acronym for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. This system is co-maintained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)…

Established in 1990, the idea behind VAERS is to capture as many adverse reactions to vaccines as possible in order to alert health experts to potential issues and problems.

The graph below traces the number of deaths that have been reported to VAERS every year since its inception. As you can see, the yearly levels have held relatively steady from 1990 until 2020 and were generally under 400 cases. The cumulative total of all reported deaths during those years comes to 5,178 (see VAERS analysis here)…

This, however, changed dramatically toward the end of 2020 when the Covid vaccines were introduced. At that point, we see a rapid explosion in reported deaths. So exponential was the increase that the graph line shoots up almost vertically.

As of November 26, 2021, the number of deaths reported to VAERS in connection with the Covid vaccines was 19,532. It is both astonishing and revealing that in the last 11 months there were more reports of vaccine deaths related to Covid shots than to all other vaccines combined during the previous three decades.

This should raise all kinds of red flags because it is a good indication that there may be something seriously wrong with the Covid vaccines, and that these hastily authorized pharmaceuticals are causing death on an unprecedented scale.

The 19,532 tally does not, however, give us an accurate picture of the situation. To get a sense of the true state affairs, this number needs to be adjusted for two very important factors. The first concerns the nature of VAERS data itself, while the second relates to the way in which it is collected…

Read the whole thing.

Blaise Edwards, M.D.: A Call Out to Physicians: “Physicians who have chosen to ignore the vaccine issue should be ashamed. It is time to get in the game and seek truth.”

So now, in current times, we have doctors refusing to see “unvaccinated” people. Really? That is the hill these physicians want to die on? We have an experimental gene therapy that did not go through full proper testing, underwent data manipulation so they could get their precious EUA, and doesn’t do anything it is supposed to. On top of that, it is seemingly harming, both directly through injury and indirectly through immune weakness, lots of innocent people. And these supposedly “trained” doctors, because they are too scared to stand up to the administration and their peers, are not only allowing this disaster to be carried out but actually arguing with patients about the purported benefit of the therapy.

It doesn’t take long to find out that safety has been shelved and replaced by profit motives. Why is there no data safety review board? Why are the drug companies and the government (in other words, the industry) the ones reviewing their own investigations? The safety review board should be independent and beyond reproach. This is not happening. When finally asked to review VAERS deaths, the drug companies and government said that not a single death was from the vaccine. That included people who went into cardiac arrest at the vaccination center! I can guarantee that no independent reviewer would have come to the same conclusion.

I have long enjoyed epic movies, though they are few and far between. One of my favorites is The Patriot. In a particular scene, Mel Gibson’s character is lamenting the breakup of his family, and his sister-in-law states, “You have done nothing to be ashamed of.”

The reply still chills me, “I have done nothing, and for that I am ashamed.”

You physicians who have chosen to ignore this issue should be ashamed. It is time to get in the game, jabbed or not, and seek truth.

Those physicians who are authoritatively forcing the shot on all patients have blood on their hands. They should know better, especially regarding pregnant women and children. Never in my lifetime have we abdicated testing, crossed our fingers, and said, “Well, so far, so good. Let’s give it a shot on pregnant women.” There was always a significantly higher burden of safety here. The lone study done at the request of Japan showed that the injection of lipid nanoparticles concentrated in reproductive organs of animals at a very high concentration. There are now stories of NICUs filling up with newborns with heart issues. Recently a British Columbia obstetrician noted 13 stillbirths in one facility in less than 24 hours. Follow-up shows 2900% increase in stillbirths in the same facility. All mothers were purportedly vaccinated. The American College of OB/GYN is a joke for condoning, much less allowing this to happen.

Regarding the pediatric population, there is basically zero chance an otherwise healthy child could die of COVID, so why are we exposing the entire pediatric population to a potentially life-threatening jab? It is outrageous for a physician to recommend these jabs to otherwise healthy children. Again, the American Academy of Pediatrics has blood on its hands. Through October of this year, according to CDC data, less than 700 children have died with a diagnosis of COVID since the pandemic began. I could venture a guess that many of those were deaths with COVID, not because of COVID. Yet the pharmaceutical industry is now calling for vaccinations down to six months of age…

Read the whole thing.

Megan Fox: Was Trump Right? UV Light Therapy Shows Promise in COVID Patients

Stephen Green: Omicron Fever — I’ve Got It!

Joy Pullmann: Lawmakers Surprised By Outcry Against Bipartisan Bill To ‘Expand’ Vaccine Surveillance: The subheading of H.R. 550 summarizes the legislation as ‘Expanding CDC And Public Health Department Capabilities.’

Maureen Mullarkey: Obsessing Over ‘The Health Of The Nation’ Conjures Some Very Dark Places: Hatred of vaccine dissidents expresses itself first in marginalization and demonization. Then it advances to punishment. The larger end game appears to have little to do with public health.

George Neumayar: The Church Caves in the Age of COVID: Where is the Church’s defense of religious conscience?

Ace: Fauci: Freedom Is an Outdated Idea and Has No Place in the Technologically Sophisticated Commune of the Future We Are Building Together

Clayton Keirns: WATCH VIDEO: Fauci Downplays Free Will Because We Are In “Unusual Times”

Lloyd Billingsley: From Galveston to Wuhan: What did the Fauci-funded lab know about the origin of the COVID-19 virus, and when did they know it?

Breitbart: Senate Votes ‘Yes’ to Repeal Biden’s Federal Vaccine Mandate

Brent Hamachek: Current COVID Hospitalization Rates Increase Mostly in Blue States, Illinois Makes List Despite Mask Mandate

E. Donald Elliot: Lessons From COVID-19: President v. Bureaucrats: Lack of clear presidential authority led to the Biden presidency.

The Daily Zuby:

The conversation we are not permitted to have…


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Posted by Maggie on December 9, 2021 in From the editors Roberto Wakerell-Cruz @ P.M.: WATCH: Jordan Peterson tells Joe Rogan how tyranny happens ‘one tiny step at a time’ in eerie prediction of current COVID measures – In the clip, Peterson explained that “things get to terrible places one tiny step at a time.” Peterson later tweeted that this is “the…

Posted by Maggie on December 9, 2021 in From the editors Roberto Wakerell-Cruz @ P.M.: WATCH: Jordan Peterson tells Joe Rogan how tyranny happens ‘one tiny step at a time’ in eerie prediction of current COVID measures – In the clip, Peterson explained that “things get to terrible places one tiny step at a time.” Peterson later tweeted that this is “the…