Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: Day 9

December 9, 2021 — Today began the ninth day of trial in the case of the U.S. vs Ghislaine Maxwell. We have been providing daily coverage of the ongoing trial, if you haven’t been following the trial, be sure to read our prior reporting to get caught up first.

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of infamous Israeli “superspy” Robert Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to eight charges, including child sex trafficking. Maxwell was partners with disgraced “financier” and “philanthropist” Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was charged with child sex trafficking and arrested in 2019 but then died while in custody, conveniently cutting short his expected trial. U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan has been presiding over the case and has imposed strict secrecy, refusing to livestream the trial and redacting and sealing many exhibits. The judge also declined the public call-in line, despite this being a fairly standard practice.

Today’s Proceedings

Yesterday we heard from several witnesses, including the ex-boyfriend of “Carolyn,” a witness who testified against Maxwell.

Annie Farmer is the sister of Maria Farmer, who 25 years ago first reported Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell to the FBI in 1996.

This has been a strategy of the defense to minimize Ghislaine’s responsibility and actions by trying to use Sarah Kellen and her involvement to distance Maxwell, despite the clear partnership between herself and Epstein.

It seems this entire trial has been a show trial, designed to minimize all the crimes committed by this international child sex trafficking ring, working on behalf of foreign intelligence.

This is an absurd statement, the trial is hardly getting any coverage and the mainstream media refuses to touch the elite international trafficking ring, nor the connections to intelligence and foreign governments.

Maria Farmer, the sister of Annie Farmer is correct to call out Klasfeld here in the above tweet. I mean, the media is doing to bare minimum like the DOJ. You can all follow Maria on Twitter @ArtisticBlower.

This is where today’s proceedings end, as one of Maxwell’s attorneys got “ill”, trial should resume tomorrow barring any other issues.

This young man has been doing yeoman’s work outside the courthouse like a boss confronting these people every day.

Israeli & Intelligence Connections

There was a very interesting thread I came across I wanted to share with everyone. My prior articles have discussed the Israeli connection in some detail, so I encourage folks to read them for more background information.

This ties into the CIA MKUltra program, apparently.

Very curious, indeed.

We have previously reported on Carbyne 911 in relation to an Epstein associate Nicole Junkermann.

The mainstream journalist Klasfeld doesn’t seem very interested in the implications of what he is reporting, and doesn’t ask insightful follow-up questions.

Staley, it was recently reported had numerous email communications (1,200) with Epstein wherein he utilized code words like “snow white.”

Not just Ghislaine, but her other siblings. Together they formed a trifecta against U.S. politicians on behalf of Israel.

This series of videos on the Inslaw Affair directly relates to Robert Maxwell and his activities.

Journalist Danny Casolero was tracking this story when he was murdered, likely “suicided.” Please watch the following video to learn more about that, and read the following article.

There are so many different tentacles to this story, and so many connections with all the players involved.

Pinning down the real date that Jeffrey Epstein met Ghislaine Maxwell and her father Robert is very important because it will help establish that SHE was the real operator, not Epstein. He was just some nobody from Coney Island with no connections or wealth of his own.

The Maxwell family is tied to the Israeli nuclear arsenal and secrecy, as reported by journalist Seymour Hersh in his book on the Samson Option, New Scientist reports on the scandal:

Seymour Hersh stirred up a storm with his book’s allegation that Robert
Maxwell helped Israeli spies to suppress information about their nuclear
arsenal. When it comes to the essential story of how the Israeli arsenal
came to be, however, there are few new revelations in The Samson Option.
Nor is the story particularly well told; Hersh is a journalist to his bones,
and this is a dossier with facts piled high, not an elegant narrative. Nevertheless,
The Samson Option makes an invaluable contribution: it restores memory and
historical perspective to current discussions about nuclear proliferation.

Both are sorely needed. Judging by the horror and revulsion that drip
from accounts of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear programme, you might get the impression
that Iraq’s ambitions were unique and universally despised. If this were
true, it would be a simple matter to exorcise nuclear demons from the Middle
East by razing Saddam’s nuclear facilities and threatening to start bombing
the country again if he dares to rebuild them.

Unfortunately, things are not that simple, and The Samson Option helps
to remind us why. It is a book about the Israeli bomb, but about more than
that. Hersh tells how leaders of an embattled nation felt compelled to build
the ultimate weapon; why physicists flocked to the technical challenge;
and how officials in Europe and the US preferred not to know what was going
on. In short, it is a story about the reality of nuclear proliferation almost
anywhere around the globe.

No nuclear programme is complete without foreign partners, and Israel
had some of the best. A French boom town sprang up in the desert during
the early 1960s while French companies, with their government’s explicit
permission, built a full-scale plutonium production reactor at a place called
Dimona. Years later, in 1981, French officials leaked information about
the Israeli programme to journalists out of rage over the Israeli bombing
of a French-built reactor in Iraq.

Prominent members of the international physics community occasionally
show up in Hersh’s account, playing an ambiguous role. The mastermind of
the Israeli nuclear programme, Ernst Bergmann, apparently talked to trusted
scientific colleagues in the US about his work. These scientists, some of
whom were involved in America’s nuclear programme, saw no reason why their
friends in Israel should be kept from pursuing similar technology.

One of these friends was Herman Mark, who studied with Bergmann in Berlin
during the 1920s. After emigrating to the US, Mark became dean of the Brooklyn
Polytechnic Institute. As he told Hersh in an interview, ‘ . . . Israel
has to be in full cognizance and knowledge of what happens in nuclear physics.
Look, a new chemical reaction was discovered at Los Alamos. Whether it’s
desalination, a power plant, or a bomb makes no difference – it’s still
fission.’ Others were less sanguine. Edward Teller, after a trip to Israel
in 1968, was disturbed enough to arrange a private dinner with the CIA’s
assistant director for science and technology. Teller wanted the CIA to
know that he was convinced that Israel had assembled several nuclear weapons.

Like every other nation, Israel took every precaution to hide what it
was doing – and with remarkable success.

For years, US inspectors toured fake control rooms that were not connected
to the real nuclear reactor and walked past bricked-over doors that led
to an enormous underground facility where plutonium was separated from reactor fuel.

Even when Israeli subterfuge did not succeed, US officials helped to
suppress the information they gathered on Dimona. This is where Hersh’s
book breaks new ground. During the 1950s, analysts at the CIA who pored
over photographs of Dimona from U-2 spy planes learnt to keep quiet about
it. Officially, the US opposed an Israeli bomb. Yet high-ranking officials
were privately divided on the matter. Lewis Strauss, chairman of the Atomic
Energy Commission, probably knew of the Israeli programme and privately
supported it.

For a few years during the Kennedy administration, the US tried to persuade
Israel to abandon its nuclear programme. Angry notes from Jack Kennedy to
David Ben-Gurion, however, were fruitless. After the Six Day War in 1967,
as military collaboration between the US and Israel intensified, the thorny
topic of Israel’s nuclear arsenal disappeared from public view. Hersh says
that Israel has amassed ‘hundreds of low-yield neutron warheads’. Specialists
who have studied the Dimona reactor doubt that it could produce such a large
stockpile. Neutron warheads, for instance, require substantial amounts of
tritium. If the Dimona reactor was used to manufacture this tritium, it
could not have produced enough plutonium for this stockpile.

More important than the size of the stockpile is the simple fact that
Israel is the only nuclear power in the Middle East. As nations of this
region begin halting efforts to talk about peace and arms control, that
fact has to be openly acknowledged. The Israeli arsenal belongs on the negotiating table. For that reason, if no other, The Samson Option is a valuable and timely book. – New Scientist

Indeed it appears to me it was Israeli intelligence who killed President John F. Kennedy who had gotten into a major argument with then Prime Minister Eshkol at the time. There is major evidence detailing this that has been suppressed — see this article and this one.

Philip Giraldi of the Unz Review, and a former CIA operative reports on the coverup in the Epstein/Maxwell saga:

Jeffrey Epstein procurer Ghislaine Maxwell is finally in court going through the juror selection process and opening arguments after a 17 month stay at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Given Epstein’s somewhat suspicious departure from this earth in what may have been a murder rather than a suicide, Maxwell has been jailed under a somewhat more intrusive regime, with constant surveillance and only limited ability to do anything but sit on her concrete bunk and contemplate her future.

She has complained frequently about her isolation, abuse by jailers and the terrible food. She was undoubtedly correct about the food. Her offer of as much as $28 million in bail money in return for her freedom while awaiting trial was turned down by the judge who observed that Maxwell had more than fifteen separate bank or investment accounts as well as multiple passports. She suggested that Ghislaine might have much more money and other assets squirreled away outside the United States, making her a flight risk, presumably to flee to Israel which has no extradition agreement with the US.

There is significant back story to consider when examining the Ghislaine Maxwell/Jeffrey Epstein saga. The suspicion that Epstein was working for Israel’s external intelligence agency Mossad or for its military intelligence counterpart is based on considerable evidence and that he was being “protected” has also seemingly been confirmed through both Israeli and American sources.

Indeed, there already exists some evidence that Epstein was granted unusual leniency when he was convicted in Florida of sex crimes in 2008 involving 19 underage girls and received a sentence that was little more than a slap on the wrist. After the fact, the US Attorney for Miami Alexander Acosta, who was involved in the case, reported that the arrest and sentencing were above his pay grade, that he had been told that Epstein “’belonged to intelligence’, and to leave it alone” a comment that apparently was never been pursued by investigators.

Also, a recent book Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales written by Ari Ben-Menashe the former Israeli intelligence officer who actually claims to have run the Epstein operation, described inter alia how Epstein was blackmailing prominent politicians on behalf of Israeli intelligence. Epstein had been working directly for the Israeli government since the 1980’s and his operation, which was funded by Israel and also by prominent American Jews, was a classic “honey-trap” which used underage girls as bait to attract well-known politicians from around the world, a list that included Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton.

Clinton reportedly flew at least 26 times on Epstein’s private 727 the “Lolita Express” to a mansion estate in Florida as well as to a private island owned by Epstein in the Caribbean. The island was referred to by locals as the “Pedophile Island.” The politicians would be photographed and video recorded when they were in bed with the girls. Afterwards, they would be approached and asked to do favors for Israel.

Ghislaine Maxwell is in fact the daughter of top Israeli spy Robert Maxwell, who received a state funeral in Israel after his mysterious death in 1991 which was attended by the prime minister as well as by all the former and serving heads of that country’s intelligence services. Ghislaine is presumed to have been an active participant in the Epstein operation acting as a procurer of young girls and on at least one occasion has hinted that she knows where the sex films made by Epstein are hidden. She also has claimed that the tapes featured both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

It doesn’t take much to pull what is already known together and ask the question “Who among the celebrities and top-level politicians that Epstein cultivated were actually Israeli spies?” And, of course, there is a subplot. Assuming that Epstein was in fact involved in recruiting and/or running high level American agents in an “influence operation” that may have involved blackmail it is plausible to come to the conclusion that he was killed in prison and that the suicide story was just a convenient cover-up. The Epstein case remains technically “open” and under investigation though it doesn’t seem that anything is actually happening, the sure sign that someone powerful in the Establishment is making certain that nothing incriminating surfaces. That is sometimes referred to as a government cover-up.

So, given all the drama and possibilities, one might plausibly ask why the media coverage of Maxwell, for all its allure of deviant sex combined with possible espionage, so much less in the media spotlight than were the recent Rittenhouse and Arbery trials? And even less than the ongoing trial of Elizabeth Holmes. Well, the answer is actually quite simple, even ignoring the liberal media’s desire to inflame racial passions whenever possible. We are in an era of government control of information and are witnessing selective management of what Maxwell is being charged with to eliminate any possible damage to senior US politicians or to Israel.

Television courtroom dramas notwithstanding, the fact is that people are only tried in court once they have been charged in advance with specific crimes. And the crimes they are charged with depend on what emerges from the police and other law enforcement investigation. The result then goes to a frequently politically biased district attorney who, if he agrees there is a case, then passes the case on to an elected or politically appointed judge for trial. That means in practice that trials by jury go through a winnowing process before they reach the courtroom and what comes out at the end is often only what the criminal justice system regards as “winnable” or desirable in terms of prevailing political viewpoints.

Or to put it another way apropos of Maxwell and Epstein, in spite of considerable evidence suggesting espionage, there is absolutely no suggestion that either the New York City police or the Federal Bureau of Investigation ever seriously interrogated either party on their relationships with Israel and with Israeli intelligence.

Nor is there any indication that “celebrities” who might have been targeted like Bill Clinton were ever even questioned.

That is no coincidence, as Israel almost always avoids any scrutiny. Indeed, Israel, in spite of its demonstrated and well-documented history of massive spying in the United States is unlikely ever to be confronted in a court of law because there is a bipartisan consensus that such an embarrassment to the world’s greatest friendship between Jerusalem and Washington should never be subjected to any serious examination.

That is why Maxwell has only been charged with helping the convicted sexual predator Epstein traffic and sexually abuse four women, three of whom were underage, as well as lying in a civil suit. She has denied the charges and is heavily lawyered-up to make her defense which will likely involve debunking the nature and closeness of her relationship with Epstein. A suitable plea bargain after a few weeks of court room jousting is a likely outcome.

Maxwell’s eight count indictment was issued on March 29th. If her defense fails to convince and she is convicted on all the charges, which relate to sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy, Maxwell could receive as much as an 80-year prison sentence. Epstein likewise was only arrested and charged with sex trafficking and abuse of minors when he died while awaiting trial, not with being involved with a foreign country in engaging in espionage directed against the United States as well as other nations. There are, by the way, laws against such activity, including the Espionage Act of 1918 and the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of 1938, the latter of which has recently been enforced against Russian media outlets. – Philip Giraldi

Mr. Giraldi is correct regarding the decades long coverup that has been taking places with regard to Epstein and his network.

This documentary outlines the themes from the book “Robert Maxwell Israel’s Superspy” which I highly recommend everyone watch.

Maria Farmer describes what happened to her and her sister Annie, as well as the supremacist mindset of the Jewish network tied to Epstein. She says Wexner is Jewish mafia.

Someone should ask Bannon what he was doing visiting Epstein’s home in the months before he was arrested.

Very important information because the trafficking and espionage network was already in place and Epstein was just made the front man as Ghislaine took over.

Another Epstein associate, mentioned briefly in this article is Nicole Junkermann. She is in the flight logs and her trip with Epstein stands out, as it was just the two of them. This was rare for Epstein who usually traveled with his entourage.

This amazing article by Johnny Vedmore goes into how Leslie Wexner got the US into the Iraq war.

Junkermann is now working for the UK’s NHS system, with access to tons of personal and medication information.

The above tweet links three separate articles on Junkermann and why she is important to the Epstein and Maxwell saga.

In conclusion, clearly the fix is in and this trial has been nothing but a joke. Hopefully Annie Farmer will get to have her say in court, and maybe get some important details brought in. We will continue to report on the trail and keep you updated daily.

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December 9, 2021 — Today began the ninth day of trial in the case of the U.S. vs Ghislaine Maxwell. We have been providing daily coverage of the ongoing trial, if you haven’t been following the trial, be sure to read our prior reporting to get caught up first. Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of infamous Israeli…

December 9, 2021 — Today began the ninth day of trial in the case of the U.S. vs Ghislaine Maxwell. We have been providing daily coverage of the ongoing trial, if you haven’t been following the trial, be sure to read our prior reporting to get caught up first. Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of infamous Israeli…